2 Facebook Roasts: “Want Some Jelly for that Toast, A Little Ointment for that Burn?”


I found these two glaring examples of religious delusion, Xian absurdity, some time ago, and these incredibly pwning “Bam, Roasted” retorts through the beauty of the Internet, the ubiquitous connection of FB and the magic of copy and paste “Save Image As.” Check it out…
earths orbit pwnd
Well done, son, “Don’t bother me with real facts, I’m religiousizing here!!
Her post is so fucking clueless its worth one bozo:

And this elegantly reasoned and written burn on Dr. Laura, homophobic media therapist is priceless:
Dr. Laura and all Xian homophobes earn two Bozo’s for this one!
bozo2 bozo2
But think about it. The poor clueless girl trying to play at science to glorify her god and the good Dr. Laura (who should be educated enough to know better)… where did they get their absurd thinking?

They weren’t born with it. They didn’t suddenly discover it while out for a walk one sunny day. It didn’t jump up off the toilet seat and bite them in the ass one nite.

Somebody deliberately taught it to them. Somebody did this to them. Normal human common sense and normal human empathy destroyed by religious instruction once again. And it most likely happened when they were children or vulnerable adolescents, with no choice in the matter nor defense.
The vast majority of adherents to any and all religions learn delusional thinking as children. A few convert as adults but mostly from one religion to another. These two were victimized and taught that the thinking they espoused above was true and righteous and good. It’s not their fault. They were hosed by people they were taught to trust.
This is what religious indoctrination does to people and it needs to go.
Lewis Blackeyes
Even Bozo could figure this out!





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