Outgrowing Religion: Episode 21

Our man of the year is considered by Catholics to be doing a good job (87%), but 78% disagree with him on the subject of contraception. Imagine that.
The US based Spanish language network Univision conducted this poll of over 12,000 Catholics across a dozen countries which represent over 60% of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

Some “fun facts:”
Those most likely to support Church teachings are married men and women 55 years and older who attend mass and live in rural areas.
Opposition to gay marriage is 99% in Africa (we can’t blame it all on the Evangelicals) but only 40% in the US.

So the younger, the more educated, the more developed the country, the less likely you will buy into the dogma of the Catholic church.

What does that say?

Education is the key: Information Kills Religion.

As the world turns and becomes more educated, progressive and secular, unfounded arbitrary religious ideas get jettisoned. Even the good Catholics don’t buy into the Church/Popes archaic and cruel stances on birth control or gays. Poland and Italy are 80% plus Catholic yet they have very low birth rates, contraception is used regularly.

We CAN outgrow this stuff, we can drop organized religion and its absurdities and cruelties. Such as disallowing contraception.
What is especially disgusting is what may be an inconvenience for someone in the developed world, may be a decree to continued poverty and a death sentence to a child in a less developed country.
The Church controls the uneducated and the poor, and condemns them to more of the same.
Man of the Year. Right.





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