Just a quick note to my Xian friends:

When you are on your deathbed, what are the odds you think you’ll convert to Islam? Think about it.

Despite a 600 year head start for Xianity, Islam is up to nearly 1.5 billion adherents, the number 2 religion only 1/2 million or so behind Xianity as a whole which is usually estimated at nearly 2 billion believers worldwide.
The Muslim claim to priority is looking good to them, what if they had another 600 years, wanna bet they’d still be number 2?
AND Islam passed up the number of Catholic believers a few years back to become the single biggest religion on earth, even though the One Holy and Apostolic Church (the TRUE one, according to Catholic dogma) had a 300 year jump on them as well and the benefit of the wider and earlier spread of the Roman empire as compared to the later and less extensive conquest of the Ottoman empire.
Oh, I know what you are saying, Catholics are Christians just the same as all the others so you can’t count it that way…
Oh yeah? Tell that to a Baptist!
The Muslims didn’t need any breaks to show the Catholics who the one true faith must surely be.

Furthermore our Muslim friends assure us that we were ALL born Muslim, and when one “reconverts,” one takes an Arabic name to acknowledge that fact. All of us infidels have had plenty opportunity to submit to the will of Allah during our lifetime and we knowingly chose not to and will surely burn in the hell of Islam for it.

Now my Xian friends and I not only share a complete disregard for this obviously silly notion that we will burn in Hell for not buying into Islam, we also don’t give it so much as a first thought much less a second one. There is not a snowballs chance in anybody’s Hell that the vast majority of the Good Christians or us Unbelieving Scum™ will EVER convert to Islam.

And my Xian friends take note:
That is EXACTLY how all of us Unbelieving Scum™ feel about Xianity.

So please get it out of your head you think you will somehow, someday, save us. Whatever your minister told you about non-believers: which he prolly got from one of Ravi Zacharias’ retarded books that I posted upon here… forget it. It couldn’t be more clueless, a hallmark of Xian apologetics in general.

So no, we won’t convert on our deathbeds any more than you will to Islam. So get over it.
Hitch didn’t, Darwin didn’t: despite wishful thinking and obnoxious Xian propaganda to the contrary.
Get over yourselves. And if you figure it out, if the light goes on, go tell the Muslims.

The Arrogance of Religious Thought™ knows no bounds.





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