It Ain’t Natural

Does this look normal to you? If your neighbor was out back preparing the barbecue and instead of brats and burgers he had his first born son all set up on the grill about to be impaled and roasted, would you drop to your knees and praise the lord for his loving ways?
I didn’t think so.

USA Today reported in one of their little factoid graphics in the lower left corner of the front page yesterday that in cities in the US South like Chattanooga TN and Birmingham AL, 50% of the populace “read the Bible in the past week and believe strongly in its accuracy.”
Comparable cities in the North; Albany NY and Providence RI, both clock in at 10% or less on reading or buying the myths in that nasty little book.

The situation in the US as depicted by this data is a microcosm of the situation with every religion all over the world: It is purely a geographic accident, a consequence of your birth location what religion you are indoctrinated into.

AND it takes indoctrination to accept the lunacy that stories like Abraham all set to skewer and barbecue his son as acts of a loving god, uplifting episodes from a “Good Book” or stories to live your life by.
We can do just fine without this shit, and the figures also demonstrate that half of the folks even in the hyper-religious South don’t buy into it or need it.
The figures from every recent poll show non-belief as being much higher among American youth both North and South, and lastly, a full 90% of the folks in some areas “Up North” don’t read nor need the damn thing at all.

And neither do 5 billion of the over 7 billion of our fellow humans on the planet.
Most humans are not Xians, never have been, never will be. And that’s the key point.
For all the horseshit we have to listen daily about Xianity and the “Good News” that needs to be spread and how we can’t be good without it and that we will all burn in the Hell of this loving god if we don’t accept Him as our personal savior and eternal Lord, blah, blah, blah, just like the obnoxious church sign above and similar ones displayed all over the South… it’s all utterly unnecessary, in fact delusional and cruel.
We don’t need it, don’t want it.
We are D.O.N.E.!





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