Evangelicals Out of Touch?

Franklin Graham, Billy Graham‘s son is featured in a Yahoo News report on ABC News'”This Week” panel discussion regarding gay behavior and marriage which solicited over 6,000 comments in 2 days. The full report and comments are available here.

Billy Graham’s son Franklin toed the Evangelical party line and reiterated that gays are sinners for their behavior. Although the details of the concept and assignment of sin have been open to a wide range of interpretations for centuries, the verses are there in both the OT and NT for pompous moralizers like Graham and his equally sanctimonious dad who think they have the higher moral ground because they are hyper-religious to support their claim that gays are sinners for their behavior and must stop their abominable behavior, and repent it, or burn in hell. It’s not stretch of logic or interpretation at all, the verses are all there in that nasty little book.

All the justification keepers of Conservative Xiansanity™ like Graham and his ilk need is in any of the “clobber passages.” The Bible actually has a lot of “clobber passages” on all sorts of subjects. It is a primitive, barbaric little book and women and gays have been paying for it for a couple of millennia now.
But much to Franklin and Big Daddy Graham’s chagrin, times are a-changing. More and more people, the young especially: the educated “breaking-out-of-the Xian-cocoon” younger folks of today, don’t buy the Grahams repressive Evangelical horseshit anymore.

From the report:
In the last decade, public opinion has swung dramatically on key issues pertaining to gay rights, including gay marriage and adoption. An ABC News/Washington Post poll from March found approval for same-sex marriage at an all-time high: 59 percent of total respondents said they approve, including 75 percent of respondents under 30 years old.”

And why? Because they actually know some gay people. They interact with them and normal human empathy and understanding which all religions stifle for one cockamamie reason or another takes over and the bullshit of this Bible verse or that becomes readily apparent and easily dismissed as the unfounded, primitive, repressive old ideas that they truly are.
Dinosaurs like re-Graham and his notoriously anti-Semitic dear old dad do not speak for people of today who can see through the absurd moralistic claims of Evangelical Xiansanity™.

The 6,000 plus comments run the gamut of complete support for Graham and the Bible to abject rejection and this is one of the better ones:
God, this thread is now over 6,000 posts and we’re getting nowhere. So may I propose a solution? All of us who are in mainstream America need to stop giving a rat’s butt what the fundamentalist evangelicaloonies want or demand. They will NEVER be happy, they thrive on having enemies to battle. That’s their nature. If they don’t have a political or social battle to fight, they have no purpose. They need a cause and they will always find something to hate. So let’s just stop caring and ignore them. God, why give them any credence, as if what they say matters a rat’s ass! Let’s all get back to the process of evolution… without them!

I couldn’t agree more or said it any clearer. We do need to ignore the moralizing of the Bible waving buffoons like Franklin Graham and continue to marginalize their influence on modern society. They should get no respect for their arrogance in telling us all how we must behave and conform to their interpretations of Bible verses. We need to accelerate the dismissal of that shitty little book and its sanctimonious interpreters. The trend is going that way. Lets make it exponential soon. Lets move on to a better, more tolerant, less delusional society without them.
Evangelicals out of touch? Absolutely. They have been, for centuries. It’s just become more apparent and finally socially acceptable to say so.
Let’s turn it up another notch.





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