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When I first was referred to the blog Godless in Dixie I went to the About page to learn more about the author and read the following:
“If you’re not from around here, you probably wouldn’t believe how central religion is to life in the South.”

WOW, did that hit a nerve.
For myself, a transplanted Yankee who lived the past 5 years in rural Western KY, and despite being in “college town,” Murray, (a town that closes bars at 11pm or midnite hardly qualifies for that moniker, right?) I got a full blast of Southern religiosity and full blown Conservative Xiansanity™. It is pervasive. It’s in the air. Besides rolling up the sidewalks by midnite and being a dry town up til 8 years ago, when restaurants could only sell alcohol, and then finally going “wet” with package liquor sales a year ago for the first time ever, there were/are churches at either end of campus/town that taught Creationism, and despite being a state school and very active biological research institution, a size-able minority of faculty were staunchly Creationist and Evangelical.
So as Yankee, I got it firsthand what ‘godless in Dixie’ meant.

He’s got some great posts, do check him out.

From a letter in his blog to his daughters to whom he hasn’t been able to come out yet as a non-believer atheist/humanist:
“When you hear someone say something ugly about people like me, something which makes us sound disturbed or wicked simply because we’re not Christians, I hope that you will stop and consider what you know about me. What am I like? You know me as well as anyone else in the world. What do you see? Do I strike you as a bad person? Do you hear me say mean things about people? Do you see me mistreat people? Do you ever see me withhold anything from you that you need.”

This IS the bullshit folks in much of the South grow up with.
WWJD? Give me a break.
The smug, righteous ‘tude of many Xians down south doesn’t apply solely to us heathens, other Xians are under the same scrutiny as it is often heard “You’re not a real Xian!”
That’s something so commonplace down south yet rarely if ever encountered up North.

Imagine having to explain to your own children that despite being a normal caring parent, a regular citizen, a neighbor, friend, coworker… you would have to do damage control over the bullshit about non-Christians that your own kids were taught. All this from the “Religion of Love.”
So many of my friends, fellow secularists, and students from KY dealt with this sort of crap and some much more, daily, their whole lives because of how pervasive religion in the form of Conservative Xiansanity™ is down below the Ohio River.

Do give his blog a look-see.
Godless in Dixie” is the work of but one more secular activist exposing the absurdities and repressions and outright falsehoods of the Xian religion, and education IS the key.
Thanks, pal. And good luck to you.
Information Kills Religion.

…wicked simply because we’re not Christian…

One of many reasons I wear my “Unbelieving Scum” shirt with pride!





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