Why I Write: Episode #6,793

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Why I Write.
I’ve written before on the looks and comments I get on my bumper stickers. Most are quite positive, like the one above. I even had a guy follow me into the parking lot at school once to tell me how much he liked them and that it was “about time people started saying stuff like this around here!”
That was back in rural Western KY a few years ago and although it was a college town, the city had been a dry one due to religious dislike of all things alcohol-like. It recently graduated to “moist” as the city fathers had reluctantly loosened their theocratic hold on this college town some years before in allowing restaurants to serve alcohol. The college kids and faculty still had to drive 15 miles across the state line to get their obligatory ration of beer and wine (respectively) each week as package liquor sales were still heresy.
It was a very, very religious area with churches at both ends of campus that taught directly against the dastardly “Evilution” we taught on campus. You get the picture. So I dug this guy’s reaction and excitement.
But the note above from last week back here at home “up north” just reminded me once again why I speak out against religion’s absurdities.
So here it is, the back of my car:
wazphone102214 003
wazphone102214 006
wazphone102214 007
Usually I catch young folks standing behind my car, taking a photo and grinning every now and then as I walk out of the grocery store or school, but this time, this effort, this communication, this note, man this one was the best.
The young guy who had just put his rocking note of kudos under my windshield wiper as I was walking up, quick pulled it off to show me he wasn’t vandalizing my car or anything and repeated what he had written out loud and I said,
“Hey thanks bro, glad you feel that way.” He smiled, nodded and walked off, giving me the thumbs up. I thought to myself:
Bro, you made my day, my millenia!

Today however, was a slightly different story but no less compelling for me.
The Gideons made the rounds passing out their little green New Testaments every spring at the university down there in Murray, KY so I was used to them being on campus. I’ve chatted with a couple of them on occasion on my way in to my office; nice guys. Well, today here at the Community College in northern Illinois back “up north” where I teach now the Gideons were distributing their NT’s at the front door of the cafeteria and so students had discarded their little green mementos all around the tables. However, I didn’t notice any green mini NT’s anywhere else on campus.

Until I got out to my car and found:
wazphone102214 012
There were none anywhere else in the parking lot and on no other car.
Guess they read my bumper stickers too.
Bless my soul.





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