Information Kills Religion: Epsiode 12: Young Earth Creationism can’t survive the onslaught

This an example of what will kill religion. Information. New information. Scientific information.
ACCESSIBLE scientific information that we all as a species share and can know about, get educated in. And such info like this is becoming more mainstream by the minute!
Check out this Yahoo News front page item from today:
“Yellowstone Caldera”.
Not long ago few people were aware of the Yellowstone supervolcano sitting underneath Yellowstone park, nor that it erupted over 1/2 million and over a million years before present and before that over 2 million years ago. Now many folks are well aware of it and when it is featured on the Net in places like Yahoo News it is even harder for more of the general public not to have heard of it and know something about it.
Just damn good science education the average person can assimilate in a new york minute, sandwiched in between the gossip and murder and mayhem news.

Even more important and exciting to me is the fact that such general knowledge spells doom for insane ideas like Ken Ham’s or other scammers ridiculous Creationist claims that deny biological and geological facts like evolution or the age of the earth.
It will be harder and harder as time goes by to bullshit the American public when solid scientific knowledge like this continues to become more and more accessible and mainstream.
Sorry Ken Ham and all you other YEC’ers (Young Earth Creationists) this knowledge is for real and the public is getting educated enough not to buy your ludicrous attempts to interpret religious scriptures into pseudoscience of any kind.
Yellowstone Lake

I’m really impressed and elated at the length and breadth of this Yahoo News article (via and its phenomenal detail: 7 excellent informative graphics, 2 dozen links to corroborating sources and a “Further Reading” section that hilites a USGS FAQ and even a piece from the New Yorker.
The science under Yellowstone makes the New Yorker! Even if the New Yorker piece describes the viral doom predictions that some whacko armchair theorists have spread on the Net, you have to at least know of the caldera and its ages to read and consider their off the wall dire predictions.
Only the internet can give you immediate access to the complex and voluminous interconnectedness and mutually supporting network of science information that we have today.

It’s not bullshit. It is the real deal.
The Yellowstone caldera and the ages of its previous eruptions big and small are solid information.
Creationism is bullshit. YEC is bullshit squared.
Claiming the earth must only be 4, 6 or but 10,000 years old and no more based on 2,000 year old mythology is a scam we should all be outraged over.
And killing it as soon as possible would be a beautiful thing.
Education is the key.





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