Tennessee Satanic School Buses

Read all about it if ya haven’t yet:Satan’s School Bus.
I saw this a few day ago as it made the rounds of Facebook and the rest of the Net. Not surprised. Religious indoctrination puts all sorts of absurd bullshit into peoples heads and they behave insanely as a result, just look at what Islam does to so many across the world. Like any kid in any religion, this lady was horribly lied to. She was told a fantasy that Satan exists. I know a lot of Baptists that see Satan in everything and sincerely worry about it. And she thinks she should protest against our world slipping further toward Satan’s influence. She sincerely believes she is reading the Bible right and acting for everyone’s good, just like Muslim terrorists who think everything will be just peachy if we revenge the unbelievers defaming the Prophet and establish the caliphate. The world will be a better place as soon as we follow their book. This is what can happen when we repeat the lie that some book is the word of some god and we must follow it. End religion now.





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