Richard Dawkins’ Love Letters from the Faithful

This is part II of Richard Dawkins reading his hatemail. It is at once hilarious (watch him as a 70 yr old Englishman trying to pronounce “bee-atch” and fucking it up despite repeated attempts by his staff to get him to pronounce it right) and disturbing. The venom in his email from the pious among us is absolutely incredible, and disgusting…and funny as fuck. The constant reference to burning in Hell for not believing and to Richard being gay, a homo, a faggot belies the Xian indoctrination of his trolls. Being homosexual is to his trolls as bad as anything they can heap upon him. And all this from adherents to the “religion of love”, eh? And Islam is the religion of peace, right.
Luckily, I’m small potatoes in the blogosphere and get no hate mail or threatening comments. I’ve had but a few real negative angry comments in a year of blogging and that’s about it.
This is what religious indoctrination does to more people than most of us realize.





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