Condemning to Hell: Time to outgrow this insanity.

I just love this:


And this one is just as good:


How dare any missionary, any youth minister, any preacher, priest or imam sell the phony, cruel idea of eternal damnation, burning in some god’s hellfire to anyone, anywhere much less to children. Children who are cognitively immature, emotionally vulnerable and coerced through uncritical respect for adult’s authority and behavioral sanction (from outright punishment to reprimand or parental disapproval which they cannot defy). The whole idea belongs as Hitch said in the dustbin of history. The absurdity that some god dictated or inspired some book of “Holy Scripture” and that if someone doesn’t follow that book whether they were aware of it or not, or were aware and rejected it through honest skepticism seeing it for the primitive and pure speculation that it presents, will thereby deserve to burn forever is a primitive ugly fantasy we should no longer foist on defenseless children.

end religion now





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