Why we attack religion

maryam namazie
Maryam Namazie. Over at her blog: Nothing Is Sacred Maryam relates the plight of a young woman in Pakistan imprisoned for blasphemy. Insanity.
Another young life ruined thanks to the Arrogance of Religious Thought(TM).
Can anyone wonder why the New Enlightenment is in full swing and secular folks worldwide are attacking religious idiocy and cruelty at every turn?

Consider this article as well On traditional African acceptance of homosexuality. Thanks to the influence of Islam and Xiansanity (TM) 76 countries across Africa, the Middle East and into Indonesia have anti-gay laws on the books that diminish and destroy human lives.

1-2,000 year-old ideas, either made up and written down in old books “Scriptures” or authoritarian pronouncements also wholly made up by later commentors interpreting those “Scriptures” ruin lives and kill people. The world needs to give it up and ignore all religious leaders, all theologians, all mullahs, ministers, imams, priests, pastors and Popes. All of them. And set people free from the Tyranny of Religious Thought(TM).
end religion now.





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