Another one bites the dust: Ireland rejects Catholic dogma prohibiting gay marriage

This image just says it all and it is irrefutable. And people aren’t stupid. Even in predominantly Xian countries like Ireland, folks are catching on and IGNORING more of what their Bible says, what their Church teaches is eternally true and must be followed. The entire history of Xiansanity (TM) is the jettisoning of one Bible verse after another through the centuries since the Reformation and subsequent Enlightenment.

The most recent example of people waking up to the cruelty and absurdity of the Bible and Church dogma is covered in this USA Today story: Ireland Gay-Marriage Vote.
Ireland, where 85% of the population identifies as Catholic, and “the Church runs more than 90% of Ireland’s public schools (and) twice a day church bells ring out on state radio and television to remind Ireland’s devoted to recite the Angelus prayer,” has rejected Holy Mother Church’s command to not allow gays to marry.

Although Ireland’s religious culture sounds nearly as stifling and archaic as that of Muslim countries with their daily calls to prayer by the muezzin from the minarets of nearly every city across the Islamic world, the ability of any given Xian populace to dump religious rules is beyond comparison. In Ireland as in Italy, Poland and other predominantly Catholic countries where most women shrug off prohibitions to use birth control despite the Church’s insistence, another big ugly chunk of scripture bites the dust as Catholic dogma based on homophobic Bible verses is ignored.
Irish voters approved gay-marriage by a 62% majority!
People aren’t stupid. They can be brainwashed, coerced, socially pressured and sometimes not think things through for various reasons but the history of mankind since the Enlightenment has seen the average person know more, have more information at their disposal and more personal freedom to reject the bullshit promulgated by Xian churches like the mighty and unyielding Catholic institution. The good folks in Ireland know too much about their fellow gay citizens to allow the bullshit to continue.

I blogged previously on the 2012 legislation enacted to provide free birth control to the citizens of the Philippines. Of course the Catholic Church vehemently fought it, is still fighting it. But the Filipino people, again in a predominantly Catholic country voted it in: 80% Catholic, yet a 72% majority approved it at the polls.

Information Kills Religion. And the information is out there and has been for decades that the surest way out of crushing poverty is to give women their reproductive rights to have smaller families: 1-3 children they can feed and educate for a better life instead of half a dozen or more born only to suffer. But of course to the inhumane buffoons that run the Catholic Church, it is better for children to be born into abject misery, live a miserable life of suffering or die early of malnutrition than to reverse an archaic and idiotic tenet of Holy Mother Church. After all what’s more important: preserving a theological legacy or a avoiding a child’s misery and early death? It is a no-brainer, at least to 21st century Filipinos.

And it is a no-brainer for the just as staunchly Catholic Irish citizens to give gays and lesbians the same rights as every one else in their fine country, no matter what the Church teaches.
Modern knowledge says 2,000 year-old pronouncements in the “Scriptures” of an ancient nomadic society be they about the abomination of eating shrimp, righteously slaughtering your neighbors, selling your daughter into slavery, sending your concubine out to be raped to death by a mob at your doorstep, or the abomination of a man lying down with another, are utterly wrong: primitive, cruel and intellectually indefensible behaviors and nothing more. It is high time we ignore the whole damn thing.

People aren’t stupid.
Information Kills Religion.
And the Irish voters just put another nail in the coffin the New Enlightenment is building to receive the rotten corpse of the once mighty and righteous, unchallenged Bible and Xiansanity(TM) itself.
It’s time.
End Religion Now.





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