It’s OVER!

“You’ve had a thousand years and ya fucked it, It’s OVER.” So sayeth Billy Connolly on religion. If you think I’m hard on religion check out some of today’s comics and their unmerciful skewering of religion. I’ll be featuring a few now and again as we go along here including classics such as Lenny Bruce and his “Religions Incorporated” bit and George Carlin of course, but for today the unique and stream-of-consciousness Scotsman Billy Connolly and his take and religion in general and peculiarities of Islam in particular. And you have to ask yourself, what part of what he says is wrong or inaccurate? And the answer is “nothing.” What he says is spot on. Besides being hilarious this bit is just one more biting indictment of religious thought. This did not, would not, could not exist 50 years ago when I was a kid, NFW! Enjoy.

Billy nails it. Ideologies kill. AND Information Kills Religion. We gotta keep up the ridicule, exposing the absurd thinking.





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