Unbelieving Scum on the Airwaves! My interview on Secular Sexuality!

Dr. Darrel Ray and his Secular Sexuality podcast!
On this weeks installment I get interviewed about all things atheist and sexual and psychology and religion and the Pope and gay marriage and masturbation and how lying to your children about religious claims on anything like sex, Creationism, non-believers etc., is fucking child abuse.
We cover a lot of ground in this interview!

The first 7 minutes or so Uncle Darrel lays out his raison d’etre about sexuality and religion. Then he discusses some very enlightening parallels with the openness about sexual subjects or lack thereof in Germany and the US respectively.
Every one of his weekly podcasts are chock full of insights and personal stories on what religious attitudes toward sex have done to so many people.
Put Secular Sexuality on your fav list thru Spreaker, iTunes, or his Facebook page.
AND if that’s not enough check out Darrel’s groundbreaking study on religion and sexual practices in the US in his most excellent book:





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