TED turns…disses religion, showcases normal human empathy once again.

Casey Gerald.
Once a Baptist, a 12 year-old “duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled,” into awaiting the end-times of Revelation as modernized by Tim Lahaye in the company of his equally hosed elders expecting the Second Coming Dec 31 1999…like millions of conned Xians before them…
Casey doubts and leaves Xiansanity behind for belief in capitalism and political change as a Yale and Harvard business school grad, Obama volunteer and investment MBA…only to see the glaring successes of modern business and the 1% contrasted with a parallel reality a few blocks distant across Manhattan to Harlem, from a room full of people who hold 1/2 trillion dollars of assets to an urban garden plot where the homeless gather for their only meal of the day.
Casey challenges his and our beliefs:
“Because it raises the question why, with all the power we hold in our hands, why are people still suffering so bad.”

Like Bill and Melinda Gates TED video about giving their wealth to help other humans all over the globe and countless other TED talks where the speakers demonstrate innovation and organization employed to alleviate hunger, poverty, and suffering, Casey Gerald leaves religion and personal wealth accumulation behind to tell us all:
We know better, we can do better.

Do watch it. Well worth your few minutes.
‘Nuff said.





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