Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Dave Rubin

An excellent interview.
If you want to get yourself educated on Islam, read anything by Hirsi Ali:
Dave Rubin, since splitting from the Young Turks has done a bangup job of interviewing folks calling for the reform of Islam and dispelling the lunacy of Islamophobia as promulgated by the regressive left.
Dave’s other interviews with Maajid Nawaaz, Faisal Saeed al Mutar, Sarah Heider, Sam Harris and others and now Hirsi Ali have gone a long way to presenting a clearer picture of Islam and its desperate need for reformation. When you listen to this interview, the others mentioned above, or anything from these activists or the likes of Maryam Namazie and Mohammed Syed, you get an unmistakable message:
“It’s the religion, stupid.”

With the recent Paris and now Brussels Islamic terrorist attacks added to the list of previous atrocities, it is pretty hard to make the lame excuse that “all religions have terrorists.”
I don’t think the Jains or Quakers ever did and the rest of the worlds “religious terrorist” organizations that operate on a global scale rivaling anything like what we see promulgated by Islam can can be counted on the fingers of an amputated hand. There are none doing what Islamic terrorists do.

Ali makes the point it is not Muslims, not the people that are the problem, who are a diverse group of which many disagree with much of what Islam preaches, killing for apostasy or drawing pictures of Mohammed for example. It is the religion and what it teaches and that having never been reformed is taken too seriously by all, which promotes more extremism than any other religion on earth today. Xianity has nearly as much ugliness in its history, but that level of insanity is past. That religion had its grip loosened through the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and subsequent Age of Reason, and today that diminishment of its control persists since Xianity exists mostly within Western democracies which promote human rights above religious ideas.
Islam in contrast, is stuck in a medieval time warp, and exists within regressive monarchies and theocracies with little concern for modern human rights, and where the average Muslim who may actually disagree with much of their religion, doesn’t dare say a word.
“It is our job to emancipate them”

Its a great interview.
We all need to get educated on Islam.





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