Islam: So many speaking out!

Dom the Conservative.
I would normally be more than a little bit skeptical of what a self-admitted Conservative Xian might say about another religion. But I watched the above video and Dom sounds just like everyone else I have read or listened to, including a dozen or more secular authors, historians, Muslims and and ex-Muslims regarding Islam and its problem with violence and terrorism:
1. It is in the book.
2. The average Muslim is not violent and tries to explain away the ugly verses the terrorists follow, but still agrees that sharia law, the caliphate, and death to apostates are good, correct ideas.
3. All Muslims are taught to emulate the perfect Prophet Muhammad.
4. Islam exists within, and supports primarily medieval political systems: theocracies, dictatorships and monarchies.
5. Muhammad was a violent, scheming, warlord who wed nine-year-old girls and took sex slaves.
6. Islam has never undergone any sort of reformation, as is being called for right now, by so many.

Its a good video, spot on.

Islam has a problem all its own, and it is no longer as politically incorrect to criticize the religion for its unique tendencies toward violence. Many objective historians and ex-Muslims are leading the public critique of Islam and the call for reform.

Xiantiy was once very bit as ugly. I certainly am no fan of Xiansanity, nor any religion.
However, there are some striking differences between the “Big Two”: Xianity and Islam, today:
1. The Old Testament (OT) Bible is violent as well, but none of it was performed by Jesus.
2. The average Xian is as equally nonviolent as any Muslim, but does not believe in exclusively Xian law, a Xian state, or death to heretics. A tiny few Conservative Xians would go that far.
3. Despite “WWJD,” Jesus is not emulated to the degree of Muhammad. Even the most “radicalized” Xians do not emulate the insane violence in the OT. They carry “God Hates Fags” signs; they don’t throw gays off roofs.
4. Xianity exists mostly within progressive democracies where human rights take precedence.
5. Jesus was a nonviolent, non-sexual, itinerant prophet preaching end times that didn’t happen. No raiding of caravans, beheading enemies, marrying nine year-olds or taking of sex slaves.
6. Having undergone a reformation, Xianity’s grip on Western culture is much diminished as compared to Islam, and most Xians do not believe the Bible is the perfect word of god.

For an additional, similar perspective from an ex-Muslim, check out this collection of comments from Faisal Saeed al-Mutar:

We all need to be educated on Islam, and call for its immediate reform and weakening worldwide.
The New Enlightenment approach to religion is accelerating with the rapidly expanding discussion and clear-headed critique of Islam, its horrific global violence, and even worse sectarian mayhem.
end religion now…
All of them.





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