Fan Mail (stickers): The Tip of the Iceberg!

I get fan mail (sort of) every now and then and it looks like this:
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The one on the right is from a few months ago, and the new one on the left is but a couple of days old. My wife was out with my car and discovered the latest note of appreciation! Its allgood.

And here’s the reason why:

And this isn’t the first time:

I wrote a whole blog way back 18 months ago in Oct 2014, on the stickers I get stuck on my car and under my windshield wipers every now and then, HERE
It never ceases to amaze me.
But it shouldn’t. I’ve wagered, in a section in my soon-to-be-published book “The Arrogance of Religious Thought” that the good ole, godly U S of A could well be 50% secular. If all of us Unbelieving Scum came out, if we ALL came out, what would the numbers be, eh? I suspect strongly there may be whole ‘nother half of us “Nones” out there still in the closet. I’m certain that there is WAY more than just 23% of us un-churched types currently in the US.
Last night, for example, quite randomly at my Monday evening secular meeting, one our ex-Muslim members told us of asking his Dad later in life if he really believed. And his father admitted “No.” The member was floored. “Here was a man on the prayer mat 5 times per day as is required of all good Muslims, his whole life, confessing he didn’t buy a word of it.”
How could one do that day after day, and why? He replied that his father and his father before him had, everyone else did, and he was comfortable following the expected daily ritual he grew up on, it was just something you did.
This is happening all over the world, even within the confines of pervasive religious cultures like Islam and Evangelical Xianity. There’s just too much reality out there, communicated throughout every minute of our daily lives that leave religious claims and practices looking as absurd as they are by comparison. Even from within all too constraining Islam, people know better.
And they are damn glad to see somebody come out and say it: hence my little love notes that show uo stuck to my car every now and then. You know they represent merely the tip of the iceberg of folks who don’t buy into the religious nonsense all around us, that until now was rarely questioned.
The gloves are off and its a big iceberg.
Ya gotta love it!





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