Religious Pluralism and the End of Religion

This passage from From The Saudi Kingdom to EXMNA says it all:
“When I was nine years old, I found myself sitting in an Islamic studies class, listening to my teacher lecture about how only Muslims (good ones at that) would be allowed to go to heaven. I walked out after that lesson to my next class and sat down next to some of my friends who were most decidedly not Muslim. I looked at them and thought, why is it that they wouldn’t go to heaven for following a religion that their parents taught them the same as I did? I came home from school and spilled out my concerns to my mom, who tried to explain in very simple terms: everyone gets a choice at some point in their life to accept the message of Islam. Those who dismiss it will not be granted heaven. And yet, I thought, I would never leave Islam because it is my parents’ religion. Why would my friends leave theirs?”

And this passage sums up why:
“It was difficult to reconcile much of what Islam dictated with what I was discovering for myself through the little window I had to the world called the Internet. There were good people out there, people that knew or cared little about Islam.”

Information Kills Religion and the Internet and our global culture are responsible for humans to get to know one another across all previous boundaries: those of religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, education level or status.
NONE of these matter to human beings learning about one another and how the world really works.
Religion can’t survive the onslaught of knowledge and connection.
One species, one tribe, no religion.
Its allgood.





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