Krauss…and the Secular Dream

Lawrence Krauss at the Reason Rally. The end of his talk, echoing Martin Luther Kings’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”
The most moving moments of a very good day. Carolyn Porco and Maryam Namzie were passionate and moving as well.

During the beginning of his usual impassioned speech, he spoke of a girl in Afghanistan whom he has communicated with on Skype who had to leave school at age 11. Now, at age 20 has dreams of emigrating to the US to study physics. She taught herself English, calculus and advanced physics and snuck over to Pakistan and took the SAT, scoring above the US average. Not bad for self taught at home using whatever resources she could get her hands on including Krauss’s “Universe from Nothing.” The key to her incredible self education was of course, the internet.
Krauss: “…because of the Internet Samara (a pseudonym) had access to the outside world…that would not have been possible a decade ago.”
Religion can’t fight this onslaught. Information Kills Religion. “Access to the outside world,” instead of the phony and repressive fantasy land of religion.
Here’s that portion of his talk:

Given his contributions to the NY Times he was able to get regular NYT columnist Nicholas Kristoff to write a whole column in the Sunday edition of NYT 6/5/16.
Here’s Kristof’s editorial Sultana, The Taliban’s Worst Fear.
Kristof uses the pseudonym Sultana in place of Samara as her anonymity must be protected until she makes it to the US.
Do listen to Krauss’s entire speech, it is available in 4 parts on YouTube.
He encourages the audience and all us secularists to come out and accelerate the attack on religion:
“Go forth form here and feel emboldened. Don’t accept nonsense with silence just because others around you do….Don’t buy into the idea that it is improper to criticize religious ideas, just because they are religious.”
Krauss summed up the day best:
“It is the freedom to question that we are already celebrating, that’s what this is all about”

end religion now.
All of them.





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