Wanna get educated on Islam? Listen to Maryam Namazie, Reason Rally 2016

This is a 6 hour recording done by the folks at Mythicist Milwaukee. Maryam Namzie’s speech is on at 2:34:00 (let it load for a bit, its a big file).
One of the stronger speeches of the day, she speaks of all the atrocities committed worldwide in the name of Islam.
Maryam and others who need security protection for speaking out against Islam: Taslima Nasreen, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sam Harris and others can educate us all on the peculiar facts of currently the worst religion on earth. They are all bad, but name anyone speaking out against Xianity who needs armed guards to avoid being hacked to death…What an incredibly brave woman.
I have nothing to add
end religions now.





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