More Progress: Conservatives losing, even in the Catholic Church

Times are changing and the Conservatives don’t like it. Here’s another recent example of progress occurring even within the most conservative of institutions which demonstrates once again that Conservatives eventually lose:
A recent article in the Federalist describes that a Catholic University is going all out for LGBT acceptance in direct opposition to the Church’s teachings and it really has the author Adam Cassandra disturbed.
“Adam Cassandra is the news editor at The Cardinal Newman Society, which promotes and defends faithful Catholic education.”
Although the author is not at all pleased with what he is reporting, the article is an example of good journalism. It is well researched from a number of angles, demonstrates clear, straight, factual reporting, and he even noted when he attempted to contact key individuals involved in the story. However, he is not happy at all with what Loyola Marymount University in LA is up to: blatantly promoting same-sex marriage along with LGBT acceptance. He has discovered that nowhere does the LGBT Student Services office promote or uphold Catholic teachings that do not recognize same sex marriage and which preach celibacy to LGBT individuals, so they do not engage in sinful activities. It seems that LMU at large and the LGBT office in particular are taking a very modern, liberal, science-based stance to LGBT issues and not following 2,000 year old ideas about gayness and marriage.
“LMU’s decision to put so much effort into promoting same-sex behavior, same-sex marriage, and gender ideology is extremely concerning. The position of the Catholic Church on these matters is clear, and any effort to lead students away from the church — away from Jesus and into sin — endangers the eternal souls of the students in the university’s care. This isn’t just a problem at LMU, it’s an issue at a number of Catholic colleges across the country.”
There’s so much that modern thought questions here, concepts of old, of no basis in reality: Jesus, sin, souls…eternal life.
Times are changing and people are turning away from old religious ideas which are purely speculative, comprised solely of admonitions from a primitive culture and voluminous dogmatic musings on same from centuries of Catholic theological ruminations. Mr. Cassandra has no doubt that his Church’s teachings reflect the true state of affairs. The following paragraph of his just says it all:
“Especially now when our culture and government are attempting to force social acceptance of radical sexual agendas, especially on young people, we need our Catholic colleges to be steadfast in defending the truth about God’s creation of man and woman and his gift of sexuality, described so beautifully by Saint John Paul II in his ‘Theology of the Body.’ Both Catholic and non-Catholic students, those with same-sex attraction and those with opposite-sex attraction, deserve to hear this truth.”
“The truth.”
The only truth we can all agree on, that works for all humans regardless of participation in a faith or lack thereof comes from science. In this case modern knowledge borne of science demonstrates that some minority of humans (5-8%) have same-sex orientation and they are as human as anyone else.
The rest is old speculations on even older pronouncements from a particularly backward nomadic culture from a primitive, barbaric time.
Augustine might be right after all, only his “truth” isn’t the one that once loosed, doesn’t need defending.

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