Islam has a problem. And too many Muslims bear the brunt of it.

Check out the excellent reporting of the LA TIMES in this DIARY OF TERROR article reporting the entire month of April’s global terrorist attacks… almost all in Muslim countries, killing other Muslims. This is what our Muslim fellow humans endure daily, that we in the East and West outside of Islam, experience only on occasion…deadly, horrific and all too common nowadays, but nothing like the frequency and impact they experience daily all across the Muslim world.

The attacks occur, big and small, from Morrocco thru the Middle East into Afghanistan, Pakistan and far away to the Phillipines, covering nearly every other Islamic nation in one month. Only one attack is an outlier, in Peru and not Muslim related. Summarized in the article:
“Terror’s daily reality: 23 terror groups in 27 countries.”
Muslim Countries

Averaging 3-4 per day, not a day went by in all 30 of April 2016 that someone hadn’t died from a terrorist attack. Again the most common were Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

These attacks totaled 858 deaths and 1,385 injured, many maimed for life. One Nigerian woman was left permanently crippled walking on crutches after a bomb attack in a displaced persons camp:
”We had just gathered by the well when two young girls joined us,” she said. “One of the people manning the camp saw the girls joining us separately, and he was suspicious. He came up and was telling us to go back into the camp when one of the girls detonated her explosive belt. She killed eight people, including my two daughters. Two other women died with their babies strapped to their backs,”

Boko Haram alone accounted for 68 deaths in April: “The Nigerian group behind a wave of bombings, assassinations and abductions in Africa’s most populous nation has declared an Islamic caliphate in areas under its control and pledged allegiance to Islamic State.”

Establishing the caliphate, Muslim rule, as did ISIS in Syria and Iraq is the goal driven by the religico-political system that is Islam.

From another LA Times article detailing an April Taliban attack comes this grim description:
“A Taliban-claimed suicide bombing in a high-traffic area of central Kabul killed at least 30 and injured 327 Tuesday morning, government officials said. The blast occurred after an explosives-laden vehicle was detonated near the Afghan intelligence agency. Preliminary reports indicated that at least two of those killed and a vast majority of those injured were civilians, including children and women….’A martyrdom-seeking unit of Islamic Emirate launched a heavy attack on 10th directorate intelligence building,’ the statement, published on the group’s website, read.”
No other religion operating in the modern world, has such encouragement for martyrdom by slaughtering infidels, apostates, kafir…anyone an Islamist can claim isn’t doing Islam right or at all. Once again the vast majority of the righteous indignation is turned on fellow Muslims, not the rest of the world.

Imagine seeing 30 dead. Then try to wrap your head around another 300 hundred and 27 injured. Over 300 people. That’s all of our faculty at the little community college I teach at, every one of them injured…some fatally, some horrifically, doomed to suffer, left crippled, physically and emotionally scarred as well for the rest of their lives.
Imagine that, along with 30 dead in but a split second’s mayhem.

ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban and other Islamist groups are not an existential threat to this country. They are a very real threat, and all other Islamic extremist groups will continue to be, for world terrorism for some time to come, because the peculiarities of their religion will convince them that all outsiders, us, the Russians, the French, the Shi’a (for the Sunni majority of which ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qeda, the Taliban are part of), the Hindus, atheists, gays, apostates, blasphemers are all degenerate and polluting of perfect Islam. No-one is safe, worldwide. They will not take down America anymore than they will somehow overrun Russia and install sharia law over there either. That is right wing American Xian fantasy, plain and simple, with an emphasis on the simple. ISIS for example, has no air force, no navy, no real army to speak of, and the Muslim population in the US (most of whom are quite well assimilated and not living in large isolated immigrant enclaves as in European countries) is less than 1 %, just over 3 million people; roughly equivalent to the number of Chinese and Vietnamese combined living in the US. Muslims are hardly in position to install sharia law here in the US legislatures. That is Baptist and other Evangelical Xiansanity paranoia and nothing else.
The threat of an individual operating on their own (a Boston Marathon bombing, a San Bernardino or Orlando attack) or a terrorist organization’s planned operation is a very real threat to innocent citizens of the entire world now.
The Islamic paranoid narrative, that the West is out to destroy Islam for example, is a fantasy of their own making. They have to find blame for the fact they are not ruling the world, that their countries are economic and political failures when their religious system which is not separate from their politics is supposed to be the perfect plan for the perfect world if only they do Islam right and establish the caliphate for the rest of us to pay taxes to. No Islamic group is ever Islamic enough for the other extremists.

The average Muslim is no more violent than any other human on the planet, but the religion foments more terrorism than any other and the Muslims themselves bear the brunt of it daily all over Muslim countries, way more than the rest of the world. And it is not past colonialism that is to blame, that is extreme left apologia. Even when we helped the Taliban remove the repression of the Russians, the first thing they did was slaughter Shi’as ISIS style…and hate us for our Western modernity and democracy and decadence. As did bin Laden and Al Qeda after we insured the Saudis not get invaded by Sadaam Hussein in the First Gulf War. They hated us for having our bases on Muslim land, polluting pure Islam… and we got 911 in return for our efforts.
Islam has a huge problem, and it is now the world’s as well.
It is the religion itself which stifles all progress and keeps so many Muslims themselves in a perpetual state of terrorism, across all Muslim lands.

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