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The Space Academy “Mind Blown”…over 6 million views. This is how religion dies. Information. Information all can see.
Can you really read the opening lines of Genesis as anything but a truly primitive, even childlike attempt at an explanation of the world as it appeared to ancient nomads?
We know it is merely a previous cultures origin myth, borrowed and adapted to fit a monotheistic view. The other gods in the original myth, additionally participating in the creation, are conveniently left out. Such contrivance.

It denigrates that which we have subsequently learned; the great expanse of knowledge we have discovered and verified about the universe and our place in it. With so much more to learn, we are at once awestruck and humbled.

The humans living in those primitive Bronze Age times, who had no clue about germs or disease, gravity, electricity, that the moon was a quarter million miles way and the sun 9 million, did their best to explain why the sky was blue, it rained and everything day and night seemed to revolve around us. Their explanations took on the form of agency; hidden, powerful gods must have stirred things up and made structure, set it all in motion. No blame there for their efforts. It is primitive myth, sometimes silly and indulgent, other times clever, even creative. But still understandably ignorant in its content, and child-like in its narrative. Forgivably full of unseen agents, as that of the developing toddlers mind is given to…shadows in the closet conspire to form faces, monsters under the bed.

But to lie to children in the 21st century that these god-filled myths from any culture, from any time, are eternally true, have any scientific content, and must supercede in some way the modern knowledge we have all attained and share as a species… is the abject tragedy in our modern world, a dishonest imposition on a developing mind that can’t begin to know how to question it for many years to come.
All religions rely on this fact. Child indoctrination is heinous. Obnoxious and subtle, smug child abuse.

Show them this instead. And don’t add to the insanity with phony tales of hell and damnation, articles of sin their developing sense of shame and guilt will one day paralyze them with fear. Should they outgrow a faith in the mythologies, they may yet struggle with the nagging emotions laid down in the defenseless infancy of their intellect and ego.
It’s not right.
And this story, the real one, which leaves no traumatic legacy to deflect…is so much better.

end religion now
All of them.





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