One Species, One Tribe II

Carl Coon
I did post a month or so ago on “Why we can win“, why secularism can triumph.
And another one entitled “One Species, One Tribe part 1.”
Well this post is on Carl Coon, recipient of the 2013 American Humanists Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award and features his recent article in “the Humanist” that ties the themes of both my posts together in one rather “enlightening” reflection from someone who was a humanist back when it was akin to admitting you’re a pedophile. The link to his 2 1/2 page article is here: “Silver Lining in the Big Tent.”
Carl is in his 80’s now and has a rather progressive perspective from observing and participating in this movement for over a generation. It’s a great read. And he really couldn’t reinforce some of my observations and hopes for this New Enlightenment movement much more.
A few gems;
There is simply too much going on these days to let people keep on believing in the old revealed truths.”
More generally, we have instant access to multitudes of information these days, so it’s harder than ever before to remain ignorant.”
… humanism isn’t just about denying God, it’s about a whole host of positive things about the environment, and our relations with each other, and about reason and science…
Well I wont excerpt any more, but I also discovered he wrote a book in 2004 “One Planet, One People: Beyond Us vs. Them.”

How ’bout it?!

So in one short article from a guy whose been around and witnessed the incredible changes in society in the past 50+ years, and who is now noting the exponentially accelerating pace of change towards reason and science and away from repressive beliefs which is fueled both by the human rights advances prior to this New Enlightenment and the instant human connection and information exchange of the Internet, Carl Coon reinforces the key themes of D.O.N.E.:
Information Kills Religion.
One Species, One Tribe.
We Can Win!





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