Merry Xmas Eve: FB post from a Fundy

This post below on FB is the first thing I see when I open FB on Christmas Eve… from our pal the street preacher:

Homosexuality and abortion are blatant attacks on God’s design for the institution of family.

And my FB reply:
Gee, all the Hebrew patriarchs had their own family design: wives plural, concubines, sell your daughter off into slavery, have her marry her rapist, murder your own son if a voice in your head tells you to, have drunk sex with your own daughters as long as you don’t recognize them, (OT) or better yet never marry (NT) yeah real family book. I guess your post is a warm Christmas wish to all of humanity from a charter member of the religion of love, eh?

Merry fucking Christmas, asshole. (no, i didnt FB that, its Xmas, ha!). Can’t you lighten up for just one day? nope:
HE KNOWS that HE KNOWS EXACTLY what god wants… no better example of “The Arrogance of Religious Thought“™.

To everyone else out there, whatever your reason for the season I wish you a very merry and a happy holiday.
No post 2mrw.
If your family is fed and warm, be grateful. If you can be with them, enjoy. If you can’t, enjoy the folks you are with, we’re all family.
One Species, One Tribe.
and i just got my gift, 2 months and 4 days since starting this blog, just blew through 3,000 views… wow, many thanks to y’all.





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