Science and Secularism Podcast: Progress Report

Well, here’s the YouTube channel banner graphics I just received yesterday.
A take-off on the Apollo 8 photo (still copyrighted, I believe), that says what I want to express at so many levels- the fragility of earth hanging out there, suspended in space (no visible means of support, eh, Mr. Newton?)(and no hypothesis offered-that would wait for Mr. Einstein to propose)…the “Pale Blue Dot” as Sagan so eloquently termed it.

It stands for Science of course, the mere project of going to the moon and back with simple mechanical devices, (using Newton’s law of gravitation no less), and less computer power than the smartphones we all hold in the palms of our hands today. And the wonder of nature…and NO god or god(s) in the picture and none needed. Just room for my avatar and any other copy that might be appropriate-SO much yet to do! (its allgood).
It says a lot.

Took a while to get to these graphics along with a whole list of other projects along the HUGE learning curve to start this podcast off:
1. Bought a cheep Chinese knockoff camcorder and shotgun mike…still learning how to use it. Really fit my budget.
2. Acquired a mid-range but top of the line Video Editing program…STILL learning how to use that!
3. Watched a dozen or so YT videos on “how to” start, produce, edit, market, host your own YT channel.
4. Watched another dozen or two Science YT channels to see how its done at every level: banners, avatars, welcome videos, length, studio set-up, lighting, catchphrases, content, titling, keywords, editing, funding, partnering, advertising, you name it!
5. Recorded a dozen test videos (they all sucked) to get lighting down, how to use and place a script, get the glare off the whiteboard, try diff camera angles, and oddly enuf for someone who teaches 8 new set of strangers every semester and does public speaking on the side…getting used to lecturing to a camera, and not worrying about being perfect in one take…that’s what editing is all about.
I was truly tense and rattled, not at all my relaxed, ready to rock self when lecturing to students every day or secular groups on the weekends. Had to get acclimated. A whole different setting. Feeling comfortable now, but it took some work.
6. Figured out different Patreon levels of support of rewards and giveaways
7. Recording my original guitar solo/rhythm audio track to go over the Intro clip that will start each episode (and the planned outro which will plug subscribing, and Patreon support, and various other links).
8. Wrote the 1st four episode’s scripts (including a “Welcome/About This Channel” one) and started another 1/2 dozen for the future. I want to have 8-10 videos of content loaded before I go public.
9. Figured out I’d like to partner with Amazon for all the books I will plug where I can get a commission, and the Great Courses lecture company. Ive purchased a dozen of their well-produced lecture series in the past. Im the perfect sponsor for them, I’ve been a solid paying satisfied customer and would love to promote their product. Anything that does a great job educating us all is where its at!
10. Bought an “On Air” sign for the studio-library door and a decent 24″ monitor to use in the lecture presentations, along with the whiteboard to give the episodes a classroom-lecture feel.

Its been a productive 4 months since late December, while teaching 8 courses and doing my usual house chores and projects. What a learning curve. I picked April 1st as a tentative target date to get the ball rolling and give the whole project a timeline to let all this unfold. Prolly be closer to May 1st before I go public. How well I get smooth at recording-editing the next few weeks will determine when I launch. No worries. Getting close. Wouldnt be this far if I hadn’t shot for a timeline. Really pumped about the graphics and the studio and the audio original guitar work. Truly my signature on all this. The more attention to detail, the better I hope it to be.

Coming soon.





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