Information Kills Religion: and all manner of Trump cons…

So 45 ain’t 45 no more.
4 straight years of bullshit didn’t work. Fact-checking matters. Not enough people bought the con to get him re-elected. And despite getting 74 million votes (for various reasons besides buying into his fantasies), Trump lost by over 7 million votes, a 4.5% margin, which is significantly higher than most previous margins in the Presidential races of the last 20 years.

Obama beat McCain by 7.2% and 9.5 million votes in 2008, but G.W Bush just barely squeaked into the White House in 2004, he actually had .5% less votes than Al Gore. Hillary Clinton actually got 2.8 million more votes than Trump in 2016: a 2.1% difference, but Trump won the electoral college by a combined 77,000 votes across 3 states: JUST sneaking him into the White House.
And Obama beat Romney in 2012 by less than 5 million votes- just 3.8%! Presidential elections tend to be pretty tight nowadays, beating an incumbent by 4.5% is rather impressive.

While 74 million Americans voted to re-elect 45, over 81 million didn’t buy the con and didn’t put the usual winner (the incumbent President) back in office. Voter turnout was the highest in 120 years…seems a lot of people were motivated on both sides to vote, but 7 million more came out to remove Trump from office.

There are many reasons why people still voted for Trump – here’s my take off the top of my head before looking up some of the detailed reporting on the subject:

He’s a terrible human being, but he is a leader (conned Conservatives).
He’s a terrible human being but he is a champion for Conservative religious laws and judges: “God works in mysterious ways” (the religious right)
He talks tough (young white guys)
Any Republican is better than a socialist-communist Democrat (a surprisingly effective Republican-Trump con on old white folks)
He is our President and should be respected-(lazy Conservatives).
He is sympathetic (nod, nod, wink, wink) to racism, white nationalism, and misogyny (white males with varying levels of racism, anti-feminism, anti-immigration).

A sampling of commentary on the reasons why reveals:
1. This from Tim Redmond at 48 Hills:
Trump has weaponized “socialism.” It sounds to his fans like “some bureaucrat telling me what to do” instead of “free education and health care for my kids.” The good news is that people under 30 don’t buy that. So there is hope for the future.

Socialism/Communism was really sold to the masses by the Republicans. The elderly really seemed to buy that notion that somehow the evil Bernie Sanders and AOC (who do NOT promote socialism/communism, but Northern European-style free market social capitalism) were standing right behind Biden-Harris and if the Democrats won they would turn the US into Venezuela. The Repubs really did a bang-up job of selling that scam to the over 60 crowd. Thankfully, as Mr. Redmond points out, most Millenials and Gen-Z’ers haven’t succumbed to having their fears played on so well with abject propaganda.

2. From the Fresno Bee:
“He promised to undo the Obama big government agenda (socialism again). He promised to appoint conservatives to the courts. He is not politically correct and is plain talking.” Yup, they love that “tough talk”. He spews nonsense at rallies, rambles on indignantly, making shit up on the fly, just so long as it sounds hard-ass and he’s ridiculing somebody-its allgood.

3.From Seacoast Online:
“The rich and powerful, whom he serves, support him. Those who believe in the supremacy of white males and feel threatened by the trend toward equality support him. Those who admire someone who undermines a system that has failed them support him. Those who instinctively follow a leader who claims to know more than anyone else support him. Those who believe his many lies, such as his often-repeated claim that he has the pandemic under control, support him. Those who like to think that people born in the United States are superior to foreigners support him.”

So there are lots of reasons to vote for the incumbent Republican President (he IS our President, fear of “socialism”, fear/hatred of all sorts of “others”) besides believing his bullshit that Obama wiretapped him, or there is a deep state out to get him, or the pandemic is a Democratic (or Chinese) hoax, or he KNOWS better than all the generals and scientists-well everybody, and the Chinese are somehow paying for the tariffs in his idiot trade war…and he talks tough.

Most Americans, starting with the 81 million that voted his ass out, don’t buy those cons-and there is plenty of evidence to conclude that so many of those that DID vote for him, don’t really believe his lies all that much either.

From this weeks FOX NEWS POLL:
“In general, 42% of respondents said that they felt history would judge Trump as one of the worst presidents; 22% said that he would be judged one of the greatest. Other respondents fell somewhere in between.”

It also notes that Trumps approval rating throughout his Presidency never rose above 50%—again most Americans did not buy the con that he was a good President. Only 22%-his hardcore base bought his claim how great he is. Most know better. He’s either the worst ever or is certainly not the greatest…

Similarly, from a recent CBS NEWS POLL:
“With the Electoral College poised to elect Joe Biden on Monday, a sizable 62% majority of the nation’s voters feel the election is “over and settled” and it’s “time to move on.” Large majorities feel their own votes were counted correctly, and a majority acknowledge Mr. Biden as the “legitimate winner.”

Looking at the CBS NEWS results more closely.
Of the 74 million that voted for Trump:
Only 61 million (82%) of the 74 million Trump voters say a Biden Presidency isn’t legitimate.
and only 59 million (79%) say Trump should contest the vote…that gives us 13-15 million that acknowledge his bluff and bluster about the “rigged” “fraudulent” election is bullshit.

even less – 55 million (75%) say Repubs in Congress should keep fighting for Trump after the Electoral College vote and 38 million of those 74 million Trump voters (51%) (over half!) say he should concede after the Electoral College vote. They know his posturing is a scam, the lawsuits are nonsense. It’s over.

The hard core Trump supporters that repeat his bogus claims about election fraud and mail-in ballots being illegitimate, when pressed, just like Trump in the 58 court cases he has lost – they offer no evidence to back up those outlandish claims, they merely repeat his phony soundbites.

For further proof they deep down know claims of election fraud arent true, when asked if THEIR vote was counted correctly- 78% of Trump voters (57 million) say “Yes”…WTF? It seems voter fraud, like COVID, or stupid-happens to someone else, but not me!

Furthermore, when asked if the election was legit for down-ballot Republicans elected into the House and Senate-a whopping majority 98% or 72 of 74 million Trump voters say “Yes”!

Somehow mail-in ballots were legit when they worked for our guys that got elected, but the Democrat mail-ins must still be bad, fraudulent, — cuz Trump lost!

I suggest that just like with religious beliefs, most know they are nonsense, but it feels good to talk tough, protest with righteous indignation, play the victim, “know” you are right, on God’s side, be part of a group which oozes certainty,—all of which fuels much of Trump’s con-man power. He legitimizes the anger of the white folks who don’t like: change, LGBTQI people, Demon-rats, elites, “socialism”, immigrants, all these damn brown people walking around, and wanna “own the libtards”.

All 50 Secretaries of State from all 50 states, Republican and Democrat, reported there was no fraud in the 2020 election-as has been the case in all our Presidential elections. It only became an issue this year, with the repeated blatherings of the professional con-man in the White House who strongly parrots the Nazi propaganda strategy that if you repeat a lie often enough, and with unwavering conviction (the “con” of confidence men), some people will inevitably believe it. Only some people, thankfully.

Then the head of Cyber Security for the elections declared this 2020 election to be the most secure in history-for which Trump promptly fired him for directly contradicting the propaganda. All the state and local officials Trump tried to pressure into somehow invalidating the verified, un-fraudulent election results, didn’t buy the con either and resisted, as did every judge, many of whom are Republicans, some even appointed by Trump, at all levels of the judiciary, including all the way up to the Supreme Court, who also didn’t buy the con and rejected all 58 of his frivolous lawsuits.

From all this, despite the inordinate amount of press Trump has always commanded and the bluff and bluster he proffers on a daily basis, it seems that to most Americans, ordinary citizen voters, and members of every level of government-facts still matter.
Information kills all manner of bullshit-religious or otherwise.

Lastly, from the BBC: “After four exhausting years, many voters simply wanted a presidency they could have on in the background – an occupant of the White House who would behave in a more conventional manner. They had tired of the infantile name-calling, the ugly language and the ceaseless confrontation. They wanted a return to some kind of normalcy.”

One of the “classier” campaign signs I saw said:
“Vote for Trump and Pence-Make the Liberals Cry Again”
—ain’t that a hell of a reason to excersize your right to vote in a representative democracy? Fuck policy, just stick it to the “others’ so you can feel tough. It is a beautiful thing that most Americans aren’t like the rabid few of his supporters whose attitude and behaviors Trump has legitimized these past four years of truly infantile and ugly confrontation and now since he lost, cry-baby whining of a level not usually seen outside of a 3 year-olds Walmart “I wanna toy” tantrum.

Who’s Crying Now?

end religion (and Trumpism) now.





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