FINALLY the Unbelieving Scum YouTube channel is up and running, alive and well, and rocking along nicely, I thank you!
Short, (sweet?), to the point, researched and referenced 8-10 minute lectures on all things scientific and secular is the order of the day.
This is not your average atheist podcast nor the typical science channel (and there are a lot of great ones out there).
Unbelieving Scum is hosted by yours truly and out to inform the public on the absurdities and cruelties of religion and the wondrous, hard-won, universal, scientific information that has made our lives so incredible here in the 21st century.

DR.Z-the Unbelieving Scum

Why Unbelieving Scum, you ask? Well, I’m destined to burn in Hell, in prolly dozens of religions (according to the faithful), for not worshiping the right god or gods or not doing it correctly, even if I happen to choose the same One some of the faithful prostrate themselves before.

Take Xianity and Islam for example. I am an ex-Catholic, and having rejected god and all things Catholic (and Xian) my soul is black, in a state of mortal sin, and if don’t recant before I die, well, its eternal suffering in Yahweh’s hell that awaits me.
And if He doesn’t get me first, then the all-merciful Allah will supposedly fry me in his fiery eternal torture chamber for not having converted to Islam and submitted to His will…
And it’s all BULLSHIT and that’s what we should be sharing with our children. All religions are mere mythology, not just somebody else’s- All gods were and are imaginary: not just somebody else’s.

It is absolutely appalling to me that we teach any of this shit as any sort of truth to children here in the 21st Century.

There will be new episodes posted every week or two, alternating between just good science (there is SO much) or religious idiocy (there is TOO much).

Click on the link above and check it out or paste this link into your browser:

Besides FT teaching, writing and YouTubing are now part of my regular routine and I hope they can become a significant part of my income – as an Adjunct Instructor at a community college, the pay is at or below entry level, with few benefits – so it goes.

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In one way or another according to religious ridiculousness still rampant all over the globe, we are all unbelieving scum in somebody’s religion!

Yet the truth is we are One Species, and we could be One Tribe, without the wholly imaginary divisions of religious thinking.

end religion now





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