About the Author

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology with passionate research interests in Consciousness and Cognitive Evolution. My driving motivation is to dispel outdated religious based ideas about human nature that are ingrained in the folk beliefs of our modern culture. Our uniquely human consciousness and cognitive abilities may be the result of our two-handed competence manufacture of stone tools, which mediated the evolution of our unprecedented conceptual abilities. The New Enlightenment secular humanist movement is the hope of the human race to end the tyranny of religious thought.

Information Kills Religion.

Father of four, in his 68th year, hockey fan, information sponge, musician, singer, and music lover, out to give religion the drubbing it deserves. Founder, faculty advisor and member of various campus and local meetup secular organizations, former Illinois chair of the Secular Coalition for America. Election Judge and Voting Registrar, County Health Dept. volunteer. Published author and scientist. Inspired by Jacob Bronowski, Albert Camus, Christopher Hitchens, Frank Zappa, Lawrence Krauss, Matt Ridley, Steven Pinker, Richard Dawkins and Lenny Bruce.

Dr. William Zingrone (waz)