About Dr. Zingrone

Lecturer in Developmental Psychology with passionate research interests in Consciousness and Cognitive Evolution. My driving motivation is to spread the hard-won modern knowledge that works for all humans on the planet: Science, and to dispel outdated religious based ideas, ingrained in the folk beliefs of our culture – which all too often serve only to delude, separate, and cause persecution and violence toward one another.
Our uniquely human consciousness and cognitive abilities may be the result of our two-handed competence manufacture of stone tools, which mediated the evolution of our unprecedented conceptual abilities. The New Enlightenment secular humanist movement is the hope of the human race to end the tyranny of religious thought.

Information Kills Religion.

Father of four, in his 69th year, hockey fan, information sponge, musician, singer, and music lover, out to give religion the drubbing it deserves. Founder, faculty advisor and member of various campus and local secular organizations, former Illinois chair of the Secular Coalition for America. Election Judge, Voting Registrar, County Health Dept. volunteer and full-time college instructor. Published author and scientist inspired by Jacob Bronowski, Albert Camus, Christopher Hitchens, Frank Zappa, Lawrence Krauss, Matt Ridley, Steven Pinker, Richard Dawkins and the incomparable Lenny Bruce.

Dr. William Zingrone (waz)

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(The slide above says it all: On the left John Calvin and his quote about the Jews…this is a man we should admire as a great thinker, theologian and intellectual of Western thought and revered church leader?? The same statement today would be rightly assumed to be that of an ignorant skinhead. On the right the irreplaceable Christopher Hitchens and his famous catchphrase…and he was absolutely right.)