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Just Good Science:
1. The Science of Sex and Gender
2. The Opiate Overdose Crisis in the U.S.
3. COVID-19: Not a Lab Leak-The Science of SARS-CoV-2 and mRNA Vaccines
4. Mental Disorders and Modern Treatment
5. Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Us?
6. Prenatal Development and the Abortion Debate
7. Women After All: The Science Behind the End of Male Supremacy
8. Consciousness: A World in Our Heads
9. Big History: The Origin Story for All Mankind
10. Your Toddler and Your Dog: The Development of Human Uniqueness
11. Tools, Concepts, and Consciousness: The Evolution of Human Uniqueness

Secular Topics:
12. As the Earth Turns Right, the World Turns Left: Social and Secular Progress
13. The Arrogance of Religious Thought: Information Kills Religion
14. The Obsolescence of Religious Thought: the Secular Science Perspective
15. The New Enlightenment and the Decline of Religiosity
16. Getting Along in a Global World: The End of Ideologies
17. The Rise of the “Nones”- the Secular Advance in the U.S.
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