The Rolling Secular Billboard-Unbelieving Scum on YouTube: episode 15

“We’re going mobile…”
Actually we have been for over a decade. This my cheepo drive to work car: stick, rollup windows, no A/C, good mileage-does the job.
Gets me to school and back AND spreads the Secular Message wherever I go.
For years now people peer over their dashboard and I watch their lips move as they read the bumper stickers one by one. Some take photographs, many smile- some shake their heads-not happy.
So from left to right:

The bright blue version of the b/w one I got on the car.
There is no such fricking thing as a revelation-other than:

Oh gee, I guess that’s right, all claims to revelation from some god or another are just bullshit”

Now, that’s a real revelation to many who were indoctrinated into a religion as a child!

Even if one of the thousands of gods claimed by human cultures for millennia across the globe actually existed- how would anyone actually prove their prophet really got some divine message-instead of hearing their own voice in their head? Nuff’ said.
Next up:

One of my all-time favs and so apropos with the ridiculous culture wars going on in the US right now: the Republican hard-core Christian types legislating against LGBTQI rights wherever they can get away with it, the relegating of women to second-class citizenship in so many religions: Catholicism, Evangelical sects, Mormonism, and Orthodox Judaism chief among them, not to mention COVID and vaccine denial by so many of the same folks. There is only one source: religious thought.
Ask yourself- what Freethinking group, what Secular organizations come out with such archaic, repressive, retarded thinking? None. It is only the religious. Get rid of religion and all this bullshit goes away.
Heard of gay pride?

Well this is Scum Pride. ‘Nuff said on that one too!


DONE with Religion. Spreading the New Enlightenment Secular Science Perspective that leaves only Humanism in its wake is where it’s at.
It is what ALL the bumper stickers, this website and my Unbelieving Scum YouTube channel are all about:
Questioning religious claims and authority, promoting hard-won human knowledge: science, over silly and repressive superstitions just like the first Enlightenment thinkers did. AND promoting human rights and human flourishing over any and all ideologies.



And it does. The more anyone learns about a religion: all its absurd claims and illogical conclusions, the origin and authorship of its ancient, all too ignorant scriptures, written millennia ago by people who had limited data, living in primitive, barbaric times from
the “Infancy of our Species”, as Hitch used to say – the less anyone can be bamboozled by the non-sense there-in. Its an old saw among us non-believers that if you wanna make an atheist-read the Bible-the whole thing. Read the ugly barbaric stories, the vengeful, capricious demanding god, the blatant contradictions. From what we hear from folks in ex-Muslim organizations, it works the same way for the Quran.

One Hell of An Idea

This episode of Unbelieving Scum says it all. What a ridiculous, absurd and patently cruel idea Hell is. Utter nonsense like this, normalized yet in our modern 21st century society only serves to undermine our normal human empathy:

Really? Someone should be tortured in some Omnipotent Prick’s fiery dungeon for all eternity just for not believing what you believe?
Really? You teach that shit to children? You should be ashamed of yourself. You don’t really believe that yourself, you’re just too nice a person to wish that on anyone, but you support the Book, the Church that spews this nonsense?

That is what the New Enlightenment strives to do- normalize the questioning of unquestioned religious thought that is wholly unnecessary for a fulfilled human life, and in fact only gets in the way. Take a look at the Middle East-what a ridiculous mess. Religious and other outdated ideologies (nationalistic, political) only serve to divide us all into arbitrary groups.

We are one species, we could be one tribe without religion.

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