Phil Plait: Bad Astronomy. Add It to Your Favs and Get Educated

If you are interested in astronomy, climate science, science education, NASA, space travel, etc. and US policy and politics on such matters check in on Phil Plait‘s science blog Bad Astronomy. Its offers a fantastic wealth of good solid science, clear explanations, phenomenal images and a lot of esoteric tidbits you can’t anticipate.
The current blog leads off with fascinating and breathtaking images of Saturn taken by the Cassini space probe. It seems trite to say “breathtaking” so often but it fits the images of our universe and solar system that we now take for granted supplied regularly by the Hubble space telescope, the Mars Rovers, probes like Cassini and the International Space Station (ISS).
This stuff didn’t exist just a few years ago and now that it does, with the spread of images, video, data and analysis of the advance of human science at lightspeed by the Net to your laptop and smartphone in a click or two… unfuckinbelievable.
This post from a few weeks ago combines good science and politics reporting on the climate denial by the Republicans and Obama’s recent responses and Phil’s very reasoned take on the situation.

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