Hanging Onto Religion Isn’t Always Easy

Rachel Held Evans.

I’ve blogged on her blog posts and excellent, honest writing before. I’m a fan, fer sure.
Read her latest, I don’t always tell you.
Then scroll down to the comments and just peruse the dialogue starting with Mike McHargue‘s admission of losing his faith, getting it back… sort of… a Xian-atheist?… cognitive dissonance anyone?
Its a great discussion and I got nuthin’ to add.
I truly believe the average believer, the average human has these very thoughts Rachel expresses so eloquently and her followers obviously contend with as well.
The illogic of religious thought and the absurdity of its claims are hard to ignore if you educate yourself, in the least, of how the world really works. And when we are not thinking religiously we are all marvelous and inveterate observers.
We are pattern recognition machines and its tough to ignore the lack of consistency of religious thought and utter lack of evidence for its claims in the real world patterns we encounter everyday.
Bravo, Rachel and friends. You made my work today EZ!!!





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