Bozo and the Douchebag

Rick Wiles: Christian commentator on his own TRUNEWS media blog and radio show is a happy guy now that the Ebola virus has come to town. Filling the void left by the irascible Jerry Falwell and following in the footsteps of the likes of Pat Robertson, Rick is just waiting for God’s wrath to assert itself in the form of a hemorrhagic often fatal viral infection to rid us all of the faggots and unbelieving scum and other undesirables (people that like to have sex among them). And all this from a man of the “Religion of Love
Check it out for yourself: Rick Wiles: ‘Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality’

Rick, my man you not only get a big fat Bozo for this one:

YOU my friend are only the second recipient of the coveted DONE “DB Award“!
Yes, my friend:

This is a classic example of the unbounded “Arrogance of Religious Thought“™ at a number of levels:
1. Believing you have revealed scripture in your hands
2. Being certain YOU know how to interpret it best
3. Thinking you have the god-given right to moralize and make the world conform to your religions ideas of purity and right action
4. Being obnoxious enough to hope people die if they don’t

All of the early Church leaders: Aquinas, Augustine, Calvin, Luther, the Popes, and modern day “preachers” and self-anointed guardians of the Word like our friend Rick and all his contemporary Xian bombasts… wish for death of those who didn’t conform… just like ISIS and Al-Queda and all the Islamic groups who wish for death to infidels.

This is what religious belief does when taken seriously and scripture is followed… all without any need for “extreme” interpretation.
Leviticus, Paul, the Suras, and Hadith are crystal clear about faggots and fornicators and heretics.
Rick is just reading his book and following what it says.
The Arrogance, the danger is in the the first three assumptions listed above. It can turn otherwise reasonable humans evolved with normal human empathy into a sanctimonious monsters who then express the fourth.
End Religion Now.





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