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Only in Kentucky…

Since the two MSU secular groups arranged to host Jerry Coyne of WEIT fame (and as accomplished an academic as one can find) its been a real trip as they say.
If you havent seen the post yet, here’s the link; One of the comments got us really thrilled too: “Having grown up not far from there in West Nutsack, Tennessee, I am not at all surprised. However, I am thrilled to see that there is a Murray State University Student Organization for Reason and Science!

The whole bunch of us are grinning from ear to ear. Here we are in West Bumfuck and yet we are getting this kind of publicity! A dozen of us made the trip to Louisville two weekends ago and made a good showing for ourselves at the Kentucky Freethought Convention. Scroll down or click here.

We had the presidents of Murray State Student Organization for Reason and Science and the MSU Freethinkers both give excellent presentations of who we are. We were represented well.
So we’re excited to see somebody else take note that, yes, even here in Murray KY there’s a strong secular movement. We all think there’s still so many of us questioning individuals still in the closet who don’t dare express their true feelings about religion for fear of the axe that may fall.

Well, secularists need to really unite. We could be a formidable voting block and sooner than most think to combat the religious based obstructionism that has become the norm in US politics.

One last shot of KY, I love this place!






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