We Just Lost Another Good One: Victor Stenger.

victor stenger
Victor J. Stenger (1/29/1935-8/27/2014) age 79.
Physicist and science-secular author, out to save people from the delusions and repressions of religious thought. My kinda guy.
Hemant Mehta at “Friendly Atheist” discusses Victor’s secular work and offers links to some really excellent YouTube clips of Victor.
His wiki is informative as well.
And if you haven’t read his book “God, the Failed Hypothesis” you oughta.
god failed hypothesis
Victor takes the argument seriously that IF there were some intelligent Creator being as the world’s top religions mostly proclaim, then we should see certain specific evidences from the world we live in according to that hypothesis.
Victor makes a rather strong case for the failure of that hypothesis. Instead of just leaving it that science “can’t ever talk about god” which is the default position in our modern culture, he shows how observation and analysis of our reality can make a damn good case for no such god ever existing.
Victor is also famous for coining the phrase:
Science flies you to the moon, Religion flies you into buildings” which I made into a bumper sticker some time ago and blogged about (here).
Damn good book. Damn good man.
We shall miss him.





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