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7:38 AM. Free-form, from the hip, off the cuff, top of the head, top of the mornin’ to ya. Yeah one could say 60 sux, but then being here breathing healthily with mobility, food, home, employed, a still incredibly hot (and loving) wife and plans for making whatever small dent in our religious in-sensibilities… its all good.
Off the cuff, in that unlike most blogs, I ain’t doing no research, fuck that I’m off today and taking that VERY seriously. Not fucking working.
Out for steak and egg breakfast in a bit (really cant afford it, but fuck that, I’m 60 once), go give blood, and fuck off writing at Starbucks all day, people watching and observing and commenting and see what comes to mind. Probably work on the last phase of the book proposal for “The Arrogance of Religious Thought” which is coming along swimmingly I might add. A bigger project than first assumed (aren’t they all?) but very pleased at what it has developed into and the detail needed to make it right. No worries.
Good to be alive. Still trying to dig out of a financial hole and have some freedom to travel someday are really the only regrets, and that’s pretty fucking minor.
Overcast, rainy, a bit humid. A good day to be a bohemian in a coffee shop, eh? I think so.
Kids are all grown, growing, healthy, happy, fed, have a good home, a phenomenally loving mom and their retarded dogs (they just love ’em), plenty of friends and comforts.
We got 10 year old TV’s and a lot of worn out stuff, but the kids got the latest smartphones and hit their concerts so they are not in the least deprived.
A quiet suburban neighborhood… and no tanks in the streets.
I’m reminded of a blog I did a while ago about some Syrian refugee teens, displaced from their homes, from their LIVES totally, living in camps in Turkey, picking vegetables for slave wages 12 hours a day, 6 days a week just to help feed themselves and their parents all living in a UN tent together.
Their comments were… “my life is over.” They had cellphones and facebook and hanging with friends and getting into trouble and football and swimming… and its all gone.
I dont have problems.
I’m not gloriously happy, and not particularly hungry, so maybe I’ll save the breakfast cash, but it could be worse. I am employed. And the kids are allright. We kept the house and we’re not in a tent.
Breathing, healthy at 60.





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