Not natural, needed nor necessary

taslima nasreen
From Taslima Nasreen’s “No Country for Women”
“Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Viking – all the religions that once ruled the planet with pomp – are now dead and dusty. The Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism as we know now – all shall inevitably die some day. I pray to nature that when that finally happens, no other new god, no other high priest comes to plague the planet with new lies, superstitions and tall tales.

Let humanism live. No religion has the power to make a civilisation survive. Only the love and human sympathy of one people for another can achieve that. Freethinking, rational humans with a scientific temperament, unencumbered by superstition, shall eventually save humanity.”

Damn, I cant add to that, she nailed it. Ended the year better than I could.
Thnx, Taslima!
Happy 2015 tonite
End Religion Now.





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