DONE bumper stickers: Part 2

Defenders of the New Enlightenment “D.O.N.E.” New bumper stickers…
I posted on the array of non-belief-secular bumper stickers I had on my previous vehicle about 6 months ago HERE.
I got a lot of really positive comments on those over the course of the couple of years that I had them on there and when that car decided to self-destruct at 214,000 miles, after considering hari kari for a short moment, I took it instead as an opportunity to redo the secular advertising on the “new” used vehicle I got:
aveo2 aveo3
They have been on there for a few months now and I’ve had 3 people come up to me and go “Wow, those are great!” or words to that effect. Two were friends of my kids who dug them (something I notice a lot among the young) and I suspect there’s a lot of closet non-believers in the current generation of teens/young adults, cause there’s plenty that show up in the various polls out there as “Nones”, increasing year after year.

The other guy was a stranger at a local bar in a rural area up here in Northern Illinois, who came up to me after having a smoke out in the parking lot and asked, “Is that your little vehicle out there?” It was the only non-pickup truck in the parking lot and I said, “Yessir” not sure where he was going to go with this, I half expected to get reprimanded by a Xian of some sort, but he proceeded to tell me how he had no use for religion and it was high time people came out and said what needed to be said as my bumper stickers did, gave me the thumbs up and split. He was 50 something I’d guess. Ya just never know.

So today, in the school parking lot I get my first message stuck on the “new” car:
“Love the stickers” Gotta love it. The blue car was already gone so I will have to keep an eye out as the area I park in isn’t very big, and there’s the usual bunch of us that get in early to fill up that section by the door for the early classes.

People aren’t stupid.

They can be duped, tho. Hosed into accepting religious authorities faith claims however absurd and dead against modern scientific knowledge, but usually it takes years of indoctrination as a child and the attendant lack of real questioning, or merely a lack of conflicting, correcting information.
But once the average person actually looks into their religious claims and finds they aren’t what they are cracked up to be (like by actually reading the Bible) or directly experiences contrary information (like getting to know unbelieving scum and gays and lesbians and such and figuring out they are pretty regular nice folks too that shouldn’t oughta burn is somebody’s hell, forever) they catch on pretty quick that religion may be full of a lot of BS, cruel and absurd BS.

The young especially get exposed to more information and all kinds of different people nowadays that makes the stuff their grandparents worried about because of what their religion taught seem damn well inconsequential. The young don’t give a damn what they or you do sexually, or what you may believe or not…it just ain’t all that important anymore. They know better. They ain’t stupid.

To say so out loud (that religion is a bunch of hooey) still isn’t that easy (tho, that is changing, and quickly) and my bumper stickers are but one more way to legitimize so many people’s thoughts about the religion they grew up on, that is all around them, that surrounds all of us still in our modern culture.
And they say “Right On” when you diss religion clearly, straightforward and without hesitation.
The few folks that take the time to say something or feel compelled to write me a note represent just the tip of the iceberg. There’s SO many more that feel the same way. More than the religionists dare to admit.
So a big THNX! to the anonymous coworker who put the
heart the stickers! on my car.
Ya gotta love it.

IF you like these and want some for yourself, click on the D.O.N.E. STORE link above and get ya some.

Spread the secular word. The more we raise consciousness about the cruelties and absurdities of religion, the sooner its grip on the world weakens even further.

end religion now.





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