Nothing bad will result of getting rid of religion. Only good. Whatever positive social functions it performs like community and charity, can be done as well if not better thru secular activities and organizations without the attendant delusions and divisiveness.
See my previous post on KC Oasis for a classic example.

Religion as practiced today by the Big 2 (Xiansanity(TM) and Islam)and the Karma 2 (the reincarnation religions of Buddhism and Hinduism) is merely an old bad habit, a primitive response, an archaic and muddle-headed way of dealing with or attempting to explain the world.

All the misogyny, homophobia, divisiveness, delusion, and science denial in the world go away when religion does.

There is no good reason to continue it.
We will live so much better without the patriarchal and repressive hierarchies that uphold old male dominated, male written rules which are useless in today’s society and only get in the way of progress and retard advance in area after area. In remaining nothing but repositories of old bad ideas that were incorrect primitive explanations at the time which are now beyond hopelessly wrong in light of modern knowledge, religions are unneeded and ugly baggage doing incomparably more harm than good. The Catholic Church’s inhuman insistence on forbidding birth control is the most insane and murderous of examples.

For another seemingly benign example of religious obstruction of modernity and progress check out this TEDx video on the dearth of modern science knowledge dissemination that plagues the entire ARAB world.

There is one reason and one reason only that science and knowledge is largely ignored in Muslim countries and he never mentions it: ISLAM

The causal issue is religion and the religion in question is ISLAM.

Now that wasn’t so hard to say now was it?

Malek gets thru the entire video and never mentions it once. But that’s OK. He might get in trouble. And this is TED, after all. TED tends to be pretty wimpy and politically correct with regards religion. The work Mr. Malek is doing in promoting science translation and dissemination across the Arab world is a timely example of the advance of the non-religious, secular thinking that is snowballing around the globe.
But typical for a TED talk no-one dares mention the elephant in the room, religion. Islamic thought stifles free-thinking, rejects the questioning of authority and discourages innovation, the hallmarks of all scientific thought. And after all, all good Muslims know ALL of science is already presaged in the Koran…right. You will see that delusion proclaimed in Muslim apologetics all over the internet.

The problem is most succinctly illuminated by Pervez Hoodbhoy, Pakistani nuclear physicist and author of The Battle for Science and Secularism in the Muslim World.
As Hoodbhoy observes:
“At Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, where I teach, the constraints are similar to those existing in most other Pakistani public-sector institutions. This university serves middle-class Pakistani students and ranks number two among universities belonging to the Organization of Islamic Countries, with 45 members. My campus has three mosques with a fourth one under construction, but no bookstore.”

With regards knowledge Islam is the most arrogant of all religions. It strenuously avoids contamination by other cultures. Muslim countries translate virtually nothing in science or other domains from other countries.
How the fuck can you have a university with no bookstore? Simple. No books.
Islam killed its own Golden Age by turning its back on the science they preserved, copied, disseminated and expanded upon for a few centuries by going back to the book, their holy book, from then on playing it strictly by the book, worse than any other religion. They did it to themselves.

Mr. Malek points out it is no-one else’s problem, just the Arab worlds own doing. In this he jettisons the usual Islamic dodge of responsibility in blaming their woes on colonialism by the West, or occupation and meddling by the Evil Satan, the US or just general contamination by infidel ideas.
No, to his credit he unflinchingly declares this is all their own problem. Even tho he avoids any mention of the real cause, the Arab worlds stifling religion, Malek and his organization are fixing it. Bravo!

This is what we can do when we are not doing religion or undoing what religion has wrought. Mr. Malek shouldn’t have to be a one man science translation promoter for the Arab world. There is only one reason he is. Religion.

There is no reason to continue it, to continue any of them, none at all.
And how do we do it? How do we end religion? Like Mr. Malek and his team of translators.
Education, plain and simple.
Information Kills Religion.
It works.

end religion now
All of them.





12 thoughts on “END RELIGION NOW: All of them

  1. well, anyway, whatever. we obviously got off to the wrong start. I have a question about secular humanism. The OASIS group in Kansas City is kinda what I thought secular humanists are — tolerant, caring, doing the right thing without being threatened by a omnipotent angry god. Or I suppose there are all kinds of sec humanists…

    • I did not call you arrogant, I said the perspective you were espousing that some people need an unscientific view is an arrogant one in that it assumes others can only handle primitive explanations when it is only a matter of education. I dont think you personally are arrogant in the least. The Ethical Humanists group in Skokie is supposed to be one of the oldest and best around. They are on meetup. I have not made one of their meetings yet, i am just making the rounds of the meetups in the NW suburbs first. They have been highly recommended to me by a number of people. Im visiting Chicago Skeptics for the first time this weekend. They are a large group and did a Skeptic Convention this past Spring that was of the organization level of an Oasis meetup. I didn’t think we got off on the wrong foot, we just disagree on our approaches to enlightenment away from religion.

  2. Okay, to clarify what I meant by some people need mysticism/spirituality/religion…I don’t mean to denigrate them or call them stupid. Actually those philosophies are an important part of life, as is science and the arts (writing, music, pottery, etc.). A school that only taught science would be woefully inadequate. I’m not advocating teaching religion in school – so don’t go there. But there should be courses that help in more social/psychological ways, esp for kids who have dysfunctional families.

    • paraphrasing what you said as wanting me to be “nice” isn’t deceitful at all, Id say it is spot on. I didn’t say you used that exact word, but I would say it captures your drift. If not please explain.

  3. wow. so your response just pissed me off. And i’m on your side! And you’re telling me this approach works? Just insult those who bring up opposing points?

  4. IMHO, rhetoric needs to be calm and reasonable. We cannot promote our opinion by being dismissive of others’. I’ve come to believe that we cannot eliminate all religion. Why? Because of human diversity. Because all human beings think so differently from one another. Although we can, and do, group together when we have some common beliefs, on the whole, we are all unique individuals. As such, some people need, and identify with, a less scientific view of the world. They see mysticism, spirituality, and yes, religion as real and very comforting when the trials and tribulations of the world fall upon them. They need that and it’s not up to us to take it from them.
    As far as the horrors done in the name of one religion or another (the Catholic inquisitions, witch trials, jihad, etc., etc.), I think that has more to do with power than actual religious orthodoxy. There are some theories that the Roman Catholic church was built to wrest control from the rival religion at the time, one more devoted to humanism than a central controlling religious hierarchy. Most, if not all, bloody conflicts in human history come down to power struggles, with perhaps a few religious fanatics being the cheerleaders riling up the troops.
    Personally, I am an atheist but just because I don’t believe in a “higher power” doesn’t mean I should stop others from doing so.

    • I disagree completely. We’ve been “nice” and respectful to religion for millennia. I t doesnt work. As I point out in a previous post: http://wearedone.org/?p=4499 a great part of the New Enlightenment success the last decade has been calling a spade a spade, a clear cut direct questioning of religion by Dawkins, Harris Hitchens and now many others. Dawkins book which has reached millions and gave them the understanding it is OK to ditch their religion was and is as effective as it still is because he pulls no punches. Religious people, being people deserve respect, religious ideas being old repressive utterly wrong ideas and myths do not and deserve scrutiny, ridicule and attack precisely because they do so much harm to good people. In that post above which covers the disagreement between Neil Carter’s approach (similar to yours) and Lawrence Krauss’s (like mine) i say there is room for both. Neil Carter and you need to do it “nice” as it fits your personality and sensibilities? Great! (cont.)

      • continued from above…Definitely take the approach that is comfortable for you. By all means. But dont tell me or Krauss we need to do it your way, sorry our way is more effective, it works. It’s success is covered in that post. Carter is welcome to do it his way but he is going to be ignored by those of us that take the direct approach. We don’t tell you to do it our way. And our way works. This blog is about turning up the volume and being more strident. Religion can go. The way spirituality is practiced today by Xianity, Islam, etc., are historical accidents. People can be spiritual, have a sense of awe and connected-ness without the ugly, patriarchal repressive delusions of modern religions. They need to go as soon as we can make it happen. Religions ruins lives daily all over the planet.

        • to your other points: “They need it, cant handle science” that’s an arrogant perspective, “others are somehow inferior and need religion” Most atheists once were religious. Religious people have just been hosed, they aren’t any different and somehow need a crutch others don’t. They have been sold that idea. We don’t propose to take religion away, we educate them that maybe they have been bullshitted. The Catholic Church may kill more kids than all of Muslim terrorism combined, at least condemning millions to crushing poverty and suffering thru their insane birth control restrictions. Check out the analysis here; http://wearedone.org/?p=2506

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