Arizona, Florida, Vietnam, and… Global COVID comparisons.

I wrote back in July comparing Arizona and Florida to Vietnam, and how badly our US states fared in coronavirus response to Vietnam and other Asian countries. Then in September, I compared the the US vs the Rest of the World and the overall US response didn’t look good either.

So now on 4/18/21 from GOOGLE Coronavirus Numbers, I offer some more striking comparisons to our states’ responses and the US as a whole, one year into the pandemic… and it doesn’t look any better.

Vietnam, with 98 million inhabitants living in a similar square mile area to Arizona and Florida, has 2,781 cases and 35 deaths.
35 deaths in a year with almost 5 times the people as Florida and over 12 times the residents of Arizona.

Florida: 21 million people 2.16 million cases, 34,329 dead. 1/5 the people, 1,000 times the deaths of Vietnam.
Another country close to Florida in deaths is:

Turkey: 84 million people, 4.27 million cases, 35,936 dead. 4 times the population of Florida yet nearly the same deaths as Florida. They have done comparatively better, but neither Florida nor Turkey did well against the rest of the world having more deaths than 210 other countries (out of 217 total).

And consider:
Arizona: 7 million people, 853,000 cases, 17,153 dead. 500 times the deaths of Vietnam. You have to go to a country with 2-1/2 times as many people to see the same number of deaths:
Ecuador: 17 million people 358,000 cases, 17,641 dead.

Vietnam is a stunningly obvious outlier, having better numbers than nearly 200 other countries, despite Vietnam having a larger population by many times than most of them except the US, India, China, and 11 others with larger populations than Vietnam. Vietnam put in strict travel restrictions and mandatory masking (March, 2020) way earlier than most countries around the world.

So lets look at a few other countries from all over the world with regards coronavirus deaths and see how they did against:
Florida – 34,329 dead and Arizona -17,153 dead.

1. Japan: 126 million people, 531,000 cases 9,593 dead.
2. Thailand: 70 million people, 40 585 cases, 99 deaths.
3. South Korea: 52 million people, 114,000 cases, 1,797 deaths
4. Australia: 25 million people had 29,519 cases, and 910 deaths.
5. New Zealand: 4.8 million people 2,500 cases, 26 deaths.

Japan: 18 times the people, 1/2 the deaths as Arizona. Thailand, over 3 times the people as Florida, 100 dead versus over 34,000. The comparisons are mind boggling.

All these countries but New Zealand have significantly larger populations than Florida or Arizona, yet far fewer deaths. New Zealand is comparable in population to many US states, and also took early, strong, action against the virus. Vermont, the US state with the lowest deaths (242) has 10 times the deaths as New Zealand with only 1/8 the population.

And the US as a whole, which I would love to compare against countries who did worse but I can’t, as we are at the top of the list worldwide in both coronavirus cases and deaths, despite China and India each having a billion more inhabitants than we do:

USA: 326 million people, 31.6 MILLION cases, 566,000 dead.

We did a horrible job at the state level and the country as a whole compared to so many countries around the world. Even states where masking was required did worse than many of the world’s countries, nearly anywhere on the globe you look. Ill explore some of the factors in a later post, but the US has a strong anti-mask, anti science, anti-public health measures set of attitudes ingrained in much of the conservative, often Republican segments of the population, much of it tied to conservative Christian upbringing. More on that later:

end religion now.





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