Fossil Spider Eyes and Kruchev’s Shoe: “We Will Bury You!”

Open up Science on your browser ANY fucking day of the week and read about 2, 3, 4 maybe a half a dozen or more just published studies that may hail from a dozen or more different fields that ALL support evolution. You can do it any day of the week, I have been for years.
Creationism is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the American public. That’s worth saying again:

Creationism is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the American public.

The magnitude of the denial of knowledge is utterly unprecedented and a national disgrace. DB politicians like Bobby Jindahl are jumping on the bandwagon, just to get elected and to hell with honest education in this country.
Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, and the rest do not get to hide their absurdities behind the wall of “faith” anymore.
So when I opened Science Daily a few minutes ago, this phenomenal study just jumped off of the page:
Ancient ‘spider’ images reveal eye-opening secrets. A 350 million year old spider fossil.

And when you open the direct link to that study, you get 4 more Evo study blurbs on the right, 3 of them about other 100-300 million year-old spider studies and links on the left to a whole column of related journal articles on evolution.
If you click on just one of them, Homo heidelbergensis for example, you get a concise summary of all the detailed knowledge we have had about that hominin (early human) and a list of another 8 abstracts of related human evolution article summaries, each which if opened would link you to another set of summaries of articles.. .and so on, and so on, and so on…

But of course, all of this science is completely, utterly, hopeless wrong… because charlatans like Ken Ham and Ray Comfort say so!


To Ham, Comfort, and their politico stooges like Jindahl:
We will bury you, the evidence will out, your bullshit will lose, you can only lie and deny so long.
Nikita Kruschev pounding his shoe at the UN in 1960.

Years earlier in a different context he said words to the effect of “We will bury you.”
The words of this scary old Communist Chairman if ideologically motivated back then in a whole other context, really fit the insane situation of the exponential piling up of evidence for evolution versus the retarded absurdity of Ham and Comfort’s obnoxious denial.
The evidence will bury you.





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