Ham, Comfort, and YEC Absurdity

Last post I outlined the patent absurdity of Hugh Ross’s Old Earth Creationism and today boyz and girlz, we return to the Dynamic Duo of Delusion: Ray Comfort and Ken Ham who insist on us believing the only slightly more extreme fantasy of Young Earth Creationism (YEC).
I’ve posted on their absurdity before, The Dynamic Duo of Delusion: Comfort and Ham, now for round 2.

So today I just opened Science Daily and clicked on Fossils and Ruins and found this article on Appalachian orogeny (mountain building) and the geology of New England from April 26th: hot off the press, not even a week old. What lies beneath modern New England? Mountain-building and the end of an ancient ocean.
And here’s a brief excerpt of the detailed geology, published in the science journal appropriately titled: GEOLOGY:
The mountain-building period that affected most of modern-day New England, known as the “Taconic orogeny,” is commonly depicted as a collision during the Ordovician period (435 to 500 million years ago) of a North American-derived arc (the Shelburne Falls arc) and the North American margin, followed by accretion of African-derived terranes (groups of rocks with geologic histories different from surrounding rocks) during the Silurian period (410 to 435 million years ago).”
It further describes the Iapetus ocean that… “separated continental fragments of ancestral North America and Africa more than 450 million years ago.”

You could access hundreds no, thousands of journal articles like this one published in dozens of geology journals describing the ancient geology and formation of the North American continent including the ancient seas and mountain building episodes of both the Appalachians and the Rockies, the formation of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone’s repeated vulcanism over millions of years… and besides being solid geological science about the continent we live on all these papers would have one other thing in common…
THEY MUST ALL BE WRONG because Ken Ham and Ray Comfort say so… Right.
Only the Grand Canyon is deeper than their bullshit (maybe not even that)!

Again: Creationism is the Biggest LIE ever Perpetrated on the American Public.

It took me maybe 15 minutes thanks to the Internet to access the Science Daily article, read it, search Yahoo for illustrative images, and assemble this post.
All the hundreds of images detailing the Iapetus ocean and the movement of the continents and the Appalachian orogeny all must be utterly wrong as well according to our two buddies who insist on ALL children being taught their extreme and completely fanciful interpretation of a few Bible verses whether we go to their damn church or not.

Once again: Creationism is the Biggest LIE ever Perpetrated on the American Public (really can’t say that enough).
Information Kills Religion.





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