Why I Write: Part 783

Unbelievable. “Brother” Dean Samuel (aka Dean Saxton) is a lovely man. A swell guy. A God-fearing man. A righteous man, schooled in the ways of the Lord. Everything he says is in his book right there.
You can read about this schmuck here.
This is what real Xiansanity™ is all about.
He’s just following what’s in his book. He wasn’t born a sexist homophobe.
Someone raised him to believe the insane completely false basis of all religions: Revealed Scripture.
This book here says what god wants. This book here is god’s own words. Don’t doubt it.
To paraphrase Jacob Bronowski: “This is what happens when you aspire to the knowledge of gods.”

Liberal religionists, Xians especially like to point out that “extremists” take the book TOO literally and they just don’t interpret it right. The problem is there is no way to know what any god REALLY wanted… no way to ever know who is doing the interpreting right.
So in one sense we can excuse Brother Dean for just doing what mommy and daddy and Pastor “what’s-his-name” and his surrounding defacto theocratic culture told him to do:
Believe this Book. Its a “Good Book“. You can’t go wrong. It is the inerrant word of God and you have every right to condemn sinners as spelled out in the book.

On the other hand, information to the contrary is everywhere and Dean Saxton should know better:
The delusion of “Revealed Scripture” has created a lot of DoucheBags.
End Religion Now.





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