Don’t Get Your Science from a Church: Installment #1

The earth is the center of the Universe, fixed, unmoving. Then the moon, inner planets, then comes the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, then the stars fixed in the firmament and beyond…the habitat of God.
A decent, plausible, early model of the Universe as one would observe it without instruments or space travel or the benefit of detailed observations like those of Tycho Brahe all of which along with Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, Galileo’s observations of Jupiter’s moons and Newton’s gravity eventually led to the complete rejection of this geocentric system and total modern acceptance of the Copernican heliocentric system.
Nothing inherently foolish or evil or repressive in the geocentric system of Ptolemy as adopted by Holy Mother Church.
But therein lies the problem.
When the Church decides to do science a clusterfuck is in the offing.

Cuz ya see, the Church stands for everything that science is not:
Certainty, fixedness, faith, considering authority and scriptural claims as “evidence” in place of observational data and theory, and the threat of apostasy and eternal damnation should one dare to challenge orthodoxy.
The first 17 verses of Genesis describe a geocentric system in agreement with the Ptolemaic-Aristotelian system described above.

And there is one other thing they have in common:
They are dead-nuts, flat-out, unequivocally, blind-fuck, wrong.
And that’s about as wrong as anything can get.
Lewis Blackeyes
NEVER get your science from a church… lesson two forthcoming, boyz and girlz.





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