The Reason Party

Faith and Reason. Two diametrically opposed approaches to the world.
Worldviews orthogonal to each other. Agendas at cross purposes to one another. Two different highways that intersect briefly at common experience and continue on their separate paths down utterly different roads. The intersection is brief and ephemeral.
But I wasn’t gonna talk about that… but its such a cool sign I couldn’t help myself.
Ah, the wonders of the Internet in general and Yahoo images specifically.
I hate politics. And I don’t know shit about it. I vote, of course and try to stay reasonably well-informed, but as far as how the system “really” works, I’m not an expert in anybody’s estimation. I rely on a few well-informed, educated guys who live and breathe politics for the “scoop” on what’s happening.
But here’s an observation.
Reason has gone to shit in American politics. And maybe that’s nothing new, plenty of other episodes in our history have seen partisan gridlock to the extent we have now.
But we suck in a lot of ways. Lost our edge in basic scientific research, spend more than 14 other countries on military in the guise of “defense“.
And Romney ran on not cutting a thing. And those assholes are still singing that song.
Remember this? Haven’t been back since the 70’s.
And the Super Collider was scrapped in Texas years ago and the Higgs boson gets discovered in Europe at CERN.
We got bridges and roads going to shit, with the majority of jobs being created at or near minimum wage, and we’re building another aircraft carrier worth 4-5 BILLION a pop when we already have 3 times as many as the next country… and the Republicans claim we must maintain or INCREASE defense spending.
The Republican party has been hijacked by Conservative Xiansanity™.
Faith and the thinking that goes with it has ruined this country.
Aren’t you tired of Xian wars… on everything? I am. We got 2 million people locked down in prisons, more than fucking China fer Christsakes… thanks in good measure to the War on Drugs.
Anything that feels good like sex or mood altering chemicals MUST be bad.
Thanks a lot to JC and your idiot followers!
Wars in Muslim countries have bankrupted us, financially and spiritually:
Collateral damage” ‘Nuff said.
The War on Poverty is another failure. Income disparity has never been as bad in the US and is only getting worse by the minute.
Onward Xian Soldiers? Go fuck yourselves.

We don’t want anymore of your wars.

The War on Women with Republicans introducing bill after bill after bill to restrict women’s rights.
The War against the “Gay Agenda” which is an example itself of classic Xian Propaganda as promulgated by the War on Knowledge: Science Denial.
Get rid of Conservative Xiansanity™ and Misogyny, Homophobia, Science denial, the War on Drugs, the Wars in Muslim countries, Climate Denial, the INSANE military budget… all of it goes away or is at very least dealt with reasonably, without the underlying absurd assumptions of religion.
Thanks to them, We suck.
History tells us 3rd parties in US politics are doomed to fail, but the Tea Partiers by not being a real party but working from within the Republican structure got a lot of their retarded conservative agenda shoved down our throats.
So maybe a Reason Party could do something similar? I don’t know enough about it. But I’m gonna learn.
Whatever I don’t know right now, I do know one thing:
They Suck.
And so we suck…
But we don’t have to.





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