Information is Killing Religion! 38% “Unchurched”!

From the Richard Dawkins (RDFRSI) website I got the following link on the continuing rise of secularism as evidenced by the rise of the “churchless” in the US to 38% in a recently published Barna Group report.
From the article above on the survey results… “roughly four in 10 people living in the continental United States are actually “post-Christian” and “essentially secular in belief and practice.”

And there is a definite age trend in the data:

    Millennials (born between 1984 and 2002) — 48 percent
    Gen X-ers (born between 1965 and 1983) — 40 percent
    Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) — 35 percent
    Elders (born in 1945 or earlier) — 28 percent

From my perspective, the information age we now live in mediated by the NET and the relaxing of the social taboo of critiquing religion may have a lot to do with the overall increase and the age trend as the New Enlightenment accelerates the decline of religious dominance that began with the Enlightenment centuries ago.
Nowadays, there’s just too much good information at ones fingertips, on the desktop in front of them or in the palm of their hand to be hornswaggled by old myths and primitive claims about our fellow humans and how the world works anymore.

The first commenter to the Religion News Service article just nailed it:

“I’m not “dismayed” at all. I’m darn happy that fewer and fewer people are accepting religious delusions. With religion pushing the denial of equal rights for gay people, the denial of equal rights for women, the denial of climate change, the denial of evolution and the denial of science and reality in general, all combined with the ultimate passive aggressive attitude of “I’m right because my god says so” there simply is no positive side to religion any more. There is no charitable cause or social benefit from religion which cannot also occur in a non-religious society. It’s time to leave our bronze age delusions behind us.”

I can’t top that.
Information Kills Religion
End Religion Now.





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